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Lights, camera, Rio Rancho! The production company opens a film studio

Edit House Productions recently opened a studio in Rio Rancho which will be used for internal projects and the film industry. (Courtesy of Edit House Productions)

Studio space is in demand in New Mexico.

This is exactly the reason why Edit House Productions decided to develop its own film studio. It is located at 640 Quantum Road NE in Rio Rancho.

Ed Smith, co-owner of Edit House Productions, said its new location in Rio Rancho will add more options for the film industry, as well as the company itself.

For 22 years, Edit House has been making documentaries and long format videos.

Smith said that for some of its productions, the company often struggled to find studio space to film projects.

“We had a project with Finn Wolfhard of ‘Stranger Things’ and we couldn’t find studio space to film,” Smith said. “We ended up bringing a portable green screen to Finn’s to complete the production project.”

The film and video production studio occupies approximately 2,000 square feet.

It also has 13 foot ceilings, 50 foot black walls as well as 400 amp electricity, two rolling doors and an adjacent toilet/dressing room with an adjustable color temperature lighted mirror.

A floor-to-ceiling green screen and audio recording booth are also available.

Smith says the facility will be used for Edit House clients as well as daily, weekly or long-term rental for other film or video production companies.

“For us, it gives us a space to carry out our projects,” he said. “In the film industry, it’s ideal for an independent film, a second unit, a documentary or a TV show. There are many possibilities for using this space.

Smith says there are two complete editing suites running on Adobe software.

Cameras in the studio include two Sony FX-9 cameras compatible with Netflix, a teleprompter, portable lighting, a grip and other equipment.

Smith says the company is currently working on a project with retired New Mexico astronaut Harrison Schmitt.

“The plan is for the films to go to the National Archives,” Smith said. “These are the types of projects that Edit House has undertaken for years.”