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LSU students create media production team showcasing college community | News


A group of LSU juniors have created a media production team that showcases the campus community.

Ugo Njoku, Kyron Wilson and Damien Henry use their skills in photography, videography and graphic design to showcase the creative abilities of LSU students through a community and campus media production team called Action Awareness.

“As far as our experiences on campus, we didn’t necessarily see that creative outlet and we wanted to do our part to create it,” Njoku said.

Since the organization began in June 2019, the team said Action Awareness activities have increased.

Wilson said the team has “paved the way for the visual arts to be more valued and accessible to members of LSU’s minority community who are interested in such things.” Action Awareness captures and creates content for social events and minority activities on campus, such as the Student Union’s Black Open Mic and Karaoke Night and the African American Cultural Center.

Students on campus can use the organization’s photo and video services to showcase their clothing brands, businesses, and personal events like birthday parties.

“They took my vision and brought it to life through their photos,” said Nylah Lowe, junior kinesiologist.

The organization’s video production of LSU’s Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity “Louisiana District Stroll Off” video was recognized during Black History Month by four-time Academy Award-nominated actress Viola Davis, and the Black Entertainment Television Network.

Viola Davis reposted the video with the caption: “We are kings”.

“It felt like the product of everything we’ve worked to bring to life,” Njoku said in response to Instagram reposts. “An overwhelming sense of joy was born that the work produced by one of our members was even able to reach these platforms.”

Going forward, the Action Awareness team said it plans to expand its work in the community and on campus.

“As the campus reopens in the fall, we ourselves are working to take on bigger projects both in the community and on campus,” Njoku said.