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Marvel’s Production Team Got Confused With Oscar Isaac’s Distinctive Performance


With more than a week before Moon Knight‘s in the streaming service, Disney+, we’ll all be witnessing the titular hero’s debut, Moon Knight. The upcoming series will be Marc Spector’s origin story and will also be Oscar Isaac’s debut in the expanding MCU universe. From Spector’s multiple personalities to Egyptian mythology, the story will instantly become confusing.

Although the heart of the story focuses on the identity of Marc Spector, Moon Knight will begin with Steven Grant, an employee of the British Museum who lives a routine life. However, Grant will come across an Egyptian god, Khonshu, who will be his source of power.

With the MCU taking a unique approach to a superhero series, fans are already curious about the changes and creative decisions the production team and cast had to make.

In an interview with Radio Times, Moon Knight Star Oscar Isaac talks about how the change to his performance on the show turned out to be more accurate than originally expected. The actor revealed that Marc Spector was written in a very different way before Isaac came up with his own take on the character.

“It wasn’t necessarily written that way. And so I thought, ‘OK, well, let me see what Kevin says about that.’ And so I had a meeting with Kevin, I said, “That’s how I would like to do it.” And he said, ‘Yeah, okay, go ahead.

Isaac went on to explain the President of Marvel, Kevin Feige’s involvement in portraying the character, the actor explained, “And it’s funny, because after he told me they didn’t know what I was doing. And they weren’t sure it was okay. But you know, in the end, I’m glad we did that, because everyone says it puts on a show.

Introducing a new hero to the MCU comes with many risks, one mistake could instantly ruin a character. However, Isaac praises Feige and his production team for their complete confidence in the role of Marc Spector. “It took a long time to figure out if it was the right thing to do and to take that risk. But part of that was also getting the people I was going to trust. And what was amazing about Kevin and everyone at Marvel is that there was a lot of faith and trust in my opinions about it, and my feelings about it.”

“For me, it was just reservations. I spent months smashing my head against a stone wall like, ‘Is this the right thing to do?’ I thought, ‘I shouldn’t do this. Maybe maybe… I had just come out of the whole, you know, big Star Wars machinery. And I was like, ‘I really want to do character studies. And I don’t know.'” the actor added.

Well, playing a new Marvel superhero takes extreme effort, especially if the hero you’re portraying comes with three different characters on the show. Although it was a challenge for the actor, Golden Globe nominee Oscar Isaac will certainly pull off the role.

Apart Moon Knight Focusing on Marc Spector’s dissociative identity disorder, the show will also introduce mystical creatures and mythology to the MCU’s future. Moon Knight will also be the beginning of the Egyptian god, Khonshu, who will be voiced by F. Murray Abraham.

Moon Knight will premiere on Disney+ on March 30.

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