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Matthew Farrar launches production house EkdroMedia


Florida Contractor Matthew Farrar launches EkdroMedia, a production house that focuses on harnessing the power of social movements, culture and outdoor adventure.

EkdroMedia will develop and produce series for networks, streaming and social networks, as well as branded and animated series, develop virtual and augmented reality projects and connect brands and organizations with the most amazing and innovative collection. curated of out-of-world visual assets. .

“My journey to EkdroMedia has been constructed and realized in national and state parks, on water, on trails and through the lens of my Sony Alpha camera – admiring the real, raw and incredible world that surrounds me. Just as many have prioritized their health and gone outdoors over the past two years, my adventures have helped me deepen my understanding of how visual and auditory experiences can create moments that stay with viewers long after they end,” Farrar said.

Farrar also announced the creation of OutdoorStock, the most accurate, organized and user-friendly stock image marketplace ever, with images organized by targeted metadata so users can easily find the right photo or video without browsing through thousands of irrelevant and inaccurate results. The platform will also allow brands to directly order exclusive shipments with creators.

Farrar noted that “too many marketing campaigns end up with photos and videos that inaccurately reflect their subject matter, inauthentically communicate their message, or require hiring a professional like me to capture exclusive content. I want to open access to some of the world’s best landscape and wildlife visual content from talented creators – that you can be sure are accurate.

EkdroMedia is launching with three major projects in development. Farrar will direct and produce a short documentary focusing on the future of the trucking industry in partnership with the Florida Trucking Association. “Wild Escape,” an outdoor docuseries, is currently in pre-production and will offer audiences an intimate, unfiltered look at today’s leaders against the backdrop of some of the world’s most beautiful wilderness, with the first episode from the series featuring guest Pierre Schorsch. The company is also launching with an anime series in development, with a creative team led by Jason Maurera 20+ year veteran of the animation and film industry whose Emmy-winning work strives to entertain while educating audiences on often socially difficult topics.

“EkdroMedia’s goal will be to create powerful and evocative experiences that move people emotionally and inspire them to live authentically,” added Farrar.

In 2014, Farrar co-founded SDS, a marketing company recently recognized on the Inc. 5000 Southeast — Inc. Magazine list of America’s fastest-growing private companies in the Southeast United States. During this time, Farrar has pioneered innovative new live social video solutions, built state-of-the-art video and podcast studios, and completed hundreds of video shoots. He will remain a shareholder of SDS and will act as an advisor and member of the board of directors of the growing company.

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