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Meet the “Love & The Constitution” production team


Madeleine Carter


After a thirty-year career in documentary and non-fiction television production, “Love & the Constitution” is Madeleine Carter’s first independent feature-length documentary. She has worn several hats: executive producer, producer, director, videographer, editor and screenwriter during her career. over three years chronicling Congressman Jamie Raskin’s efforts to save American democracy from the ravages of the Trump administration. was a longtime executive producer of the National Geographic Channel and managed thousands of hours of documentary and non-fiction programming in nearly every genre – live, news, science, crime, environment, history and wildlife – producing shows daily television, weekly series, She was executive producer of “Brothers in War,” a two-hour special about the Vietnam War, nominated for an Emmy for Outs Long-Form Historical Documentary. Both Carter and Raskin grew up in Washington, D.C., but they first met and became friends in 1979 during their freshman year at Harvard, where Carter studied documentary filmmaking and Raskin studied government. Thirty-eight years later, Raskin became Carter’s congressman, and Carter became Raskin’s documentarian.

Christy Denes


Christy Denes is a Los Angeles-based editor specializing in intimate, visually creative, character-driven documentaries with the goal of creating empathy in audiences and catalyzing social change. His work has received Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award and has been seen on Netflix, Amazon, PBS, Paramount, CNN and the Sundance Film Festival. She is also a founding member of the Alliance of Documentary Editors, a national organization that campaigns for best practices within the industry, improved career sustainability, and diversity, inclusivity and mentorship in the documentary post-production.

Liz Fornango


Liz Fornango is originally from Missouri and has spent twelve years practicing her craft as a copywriter. Her work has been screened at international festivals as well as on your phone, and you might meet her on a long walk somewhere in Los Angeles.

Ed Barguiarena


Ed Barguiarena is a songwriter, musician, producer, in Los Angeles, California. He writes music for films/documentaries, contemporary dance, theatre, songs, public art installations, etc. Clever storytelling is his thing and he thrives on the process of collaborating with others. Stubborn, dedicated and open-minded, Ed enjoys adventure in art and life. Center. He has designed and presented concerts, lectures, workshops, and gatherings for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Kennedy Center, Music Center of Los Angeles County, San Francisco Symphony, Sundance Institute, and more.

Documentary film scores include:

In the Name of Our Son (PBS, 2016)

Raising Ryland (CNN Films, 2015)

Caesar’s Last Fast (Sundance Film Festival, 2014)