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Mike Caron Launches ‘Monster Kid Detective Squad’ Production Company – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Mike Caron, director of Nickelodeon Dangerous strength and Paramount+ Pretty Odd Parents: Pretty Oddbranches out on its own.

Caron launched his own production company Mike Caron Productions and set up a small-screen adaptation of the mystery series Monster Kid Detective Squad as one of his first projects.

He seeks to develop projects in the family space.

Monster Kid Detective Squad is set in Frightsville and follows characters such as Elsie Frankenstein, a super-strong young monster, Sherry Dracula, a headstrong young vampire, and Rico Gillman, a young sea monster.

The book series is written by Jason Henderson and In Churl Yo and published by Castle Bridge Media. Caron brought Bunheads duo Grant Levy and Dominik Rothbard to adapt the series with him.

Caron has worked on over 500 television episodes, including directing Dangerous strength, in which he also occasionally appears as the villainous Deuce Van Nuys. Other credits include Henry Danger, Side Hustle and Game Shakers.

He also recently signed with managers Michael Swidler and Seth Nagel of 5X Media and the Kaplan-Stahler agency.

“Once I read the books, I was so inspired by the visual potential of a world where monsters and humans live together,” Caron shares. “Then, after meeting Grant and Dominik, I knew five minutes into our first meeting that this dynamic duo was exactly the right voice to tell this story of magical and inclusive friendship.”