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MS Dhoni to launch a film production company under the name “Dhoni Entertainment”

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New Delhi: Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the most renowned names in cricket in the world and arguably the best captain in the game of cricket. He is also the only skipper in the history of cricket to have won all three major ICC trophies, including the 50+ World Cup, the T20 World Cup and the ICC Champion’s Trophy.

Dhoni has retired from all forms of international cricket but still plays and manages one of IPL’s most successful franchises, Chennai Super Kings. He is one of the most beloved cricket icons and his fan base is filled with loyal followers, who always praise Dhoni’s intelligence and achievements, on and off the sports field.

The World Cup-winning captain also owns a production house called ‘Dhoni Entertainment’. It is owned by both Dhoni and his wife Sakshi. The production house produced small-scale films like Roar of the Lion, Blaze to Glory and The Hidden Hindu.

These are the only three films released under the Dhoni Entertainment umbrella so far. Roar of Lion is a film about the Chennai Super Kings returning to IPL after suffering a two-year ban. The Blaze to Glory is a documentary about the historic Men in Blue World Cup victory in 2011 and the third film, The Hidden Hindu is a film based on a mythological thriller by author Akshat Gupta.

Now, MS Dhoni aims to expand this production house and plans to produce films in three more languages ​​which will be Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. “Dhoni is launching his southern film production company ‘Dhoni Entertainment’ to produce films in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam,” LetsCinema made the announcement on Sunday using its Twitter account.