Home Production studio NEIGHBOR, a Metaverse production studio specializing in Fortnite, is created.

NEIGHBOR, a Metaverse production studio specializing in Fortnite, is created.


Creation of “NEIGHBOR”, a metaverse production studio specializing in Fortnite. “NEIGHBOR” brings together the best Fortnite creators in the world and begins accepting orders to produce Metaverse for businesses.

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif., June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Background to the creation of NEIGHBOR

Sold and distributed by Epic Games, “Fortnite” is the largest online game in the world with over 350 million users. 50% of the user’s game time is free to create a city in “creative mode” where you can create an original space in the world of Fortnite or create and play original games.

Corporate PR usage using the Metaverse space created in “Creative Mode” is increasing worldwide, and corporate usage of Fortnite is expected to increase in the future.

We at NEIGHBOR are creating a metaverse space using Fortnite for business. We also support events and public relations using NEIGHBOR’s metaverse space.

*”NEIGHBOR” is not sponsored, supported or operated by Epic Games.

World-class creators come together

With Team VERSE and Team Connect having the highest level of name and technology among Fortnite’s creative teams, NEIGHBOR was created as a studio capable of handling large-scale metaverse production.

In addition to the two teams, NEIGHBOR’s own network of creators trains suitable project members as needed. We produce a wide range of Metaverse genres.

VERSE Team: A production team consisting of Mr. MNECO and Mr. Ruaru, whose maps have been officially adopted for “Fortnite”, and Mr. CaPer and Mr. Kenz, who are popular with Fortnite users due to their high technical skills. We also create fictional city and space modeling and game production with world-class technology.

Team Connect: The map of Shibuya which reproduces the real city has been used by national companies. Evangelion’s “Neo Tokyo-3” has attracted attention both at home and abroad, as it has a reputation for creating a fictional city for anime and games. There are five team members, Mr. Yanosu, Mr. Earth, Mr. Teto, and Mr. FRISK.

Settlement Thoughts

When the Internet was born, landing pages were often asked “for what purpose?”, but now it’s natural for businesses to create corporate websites and landing pages for products and services. The era where companies use the Metaverse with the questions “What can they do?” What are they doing?” is only for now, and in the next few years the Metavers will have to become “natural”.

For Gen Z, it already exists as a living space in continuity with reality where you can meet and play with friends in the metaverse and find what you want to do. NEIGHBOR will expand its business to make the Metaverse space “natural” and create new experiences in the Metaverse.

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