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Netflix announces new physical production team in Australia



Netflix has announced a new physical production role at Netflix ANZ with the intention of creating content in Australia and New Zealand.

Previously, Netflix hadn’t really focused on physical production in Australia other than a few movies or series, such as I’m a mom, Aunt Donna’s big entertainment house, Clickbait Where Tides.

Although the company previously announced a $ 515,000 partnership with AFTRS on an indigenous voice exchange, Netflix ANZ has never been more active in the Australian content creation space.

This is, hopefully, until now with the announcement of this new role. The head of the new role of the physical production team at Netflix will be Chris Oliver-Taylor, who was previously the CEO of Netflix in the Asia-Pacific region.

What will his job be? As Content Director of Netflix ANZ Let Minh Luu say so, “Chris will be responsible for driving all aspects of Netflix content productions in Australia and New Zealand.”

“As we build and deploy this growing list of local content, the ANZ team that helps bring it to life is also growing. “

This includes the development of local and international titles in Australia, with production management, post-production, visual effects, studio strategy and resources. Something tells me that this is bigger business for the Australian art scene than just a new role.

“Working at Fremantle has given me the privilege of running one of the largest and best production companies in Asia-Pacific. Oliver-Taylor said.

“I am absolutely thrilled to join Netflix at a time of significant local investment and to work with some of our most talented creators to bring Australian and New Zealand content to the world.”

This could mean very big things for the Australian arts sector, which has experienced a constant boom during the pandemic on Disney’s part (although COVID-19 has revealed a glaring lack of jobs in the sector).

Netflix says that with the arrival of Oliver-Taylor, they’re “leveling it all off,” so we’ll be keeping an eye on what Netflix does in 2022.