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New music and film production studio shines the spotlight on the Saint-Louis region


The St. Louis area is stepping up its presence in the entertainment industry.

Gateway Studio and Production Services opens 32-acre facility providing production services and rehearsal studios in Chesterfield. Bringing more than 100 jobs to the region, it will be one of the largest rehearsal and music production studios in the country, according to the GSPS.

GSPS President of Business Development David Haskell said the choice of St. Louis was deliberate. He sees it as an opportunity to build the city’s entertainment offering.

“We are going to help bring things back and reinvigorate the St. Louis market,” he said. “St. Louis is not a sleepy little town. It’s actually booming and it’s got a lot of people here, so we’re very happy to put St. Louis back.

St. Louis competed with other cities like Nashville and Atlanta for the location of the facility. But Steve Johnson, head of shopping for Greater St. Louis Inc., said the city, county and state came together to win the deal.

“This is just another example of what we can do as a region when we all come together in a partnership,” Johnson said.

The state said it will provide up to $ 2.9 million in grants under the Missouri Works program for the four-studio campus. St. Louis County is also contributing to the effort, offering up to $ 130 million in Chapter 100 industrial development bonds and a 50% tax rebate over 10 years.

The GSPS estimates that it will bring 106 full-time jobs to the area with an average salary of $ 74,764. Jobs will range from professionals in the entertainment industry to those working in the restaurant industry, Haskell said.

“One of the most rewarding things about it is getting people back to work,” he said. “Having the opportunity to put siblings and people in this industry back to work, both on the production side, but also on the manufacturing side. “

Gateway Studios

A rendering of the interior of one of the Gateway Studio and Production Service studios.

The facility will offer audio, lighting, video and streaming services, as well as large studios equipped to develop stadium-sized tours, produce films and host corporate events. Haskell hopes the flexibility of the space will attract entertainment professionals from around the world to the region.

“Anyone from U2 to Beyoncé to the Rolling Stones could use this studio to do their rehearsals. It’s going to be this size and it’s going to be done at this level. “

The campus, which will be located at 900 Spirit of St. Louis Boulevard, is expected to be fully operational in early 2023.

Johnson said he expects more entertainment services and businesses to follow, bringing a new booming industry to the region.

“This is something quite new for the region and the state,” Johnson said. “And that makes people reconsider St. Louis.”

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