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NieR Automata Anime is here: a major production house behind the project


NieR: Automata is a highly acclaimed Action-JRPG released in 2017. Now in 2022 it is getting an anime adaptation and the video game industry and anime industry can’t hold their breath for the eventual release.

NieR: Automata blew up the expectations of every gamer who grabbed the controller. The story of 2B and 9S solidified what great storytelling and gripping combat can achieve in the gaming sphere.

The question to ‘Is there a Nier Automata anime coming out soon?’ is now a resounding yes.

NieR Anime Hype

The entire anime fanbase turned around when the news of the NieR anime release broke. The critical reception NieR has received has been tremendous, which has led to the action-RPG gaining mainstream attention.

This skyrocketed the hype the anime adaptation is accumulating is insurmountable. Expectations were heightened even further when the trailer dropped six days ago.

What to expect

For anyone who’s escaped the action-RPG masterclass that is NieR: Automata, firstly, you don’t know why this article is praising this game, but more than that, you’re in hell.

The story of NieR is set in a world where Earth has been taken over by machines sent by aliens planning to take over the planet. While the remaining human population, which is on the moon, sends programmed androids to destroy these machines.

A magnificent view of NieR: Automata

Among these androids are the two protagonists, 2B and 9S, whose mission is to hunt the machines and eradicate them from the planet. The game’s journey takes the two through different terrains, from forests to deserts and from amusement parks to destroyed cities.

The game tackles the subject of androids being aware of the world around them as well as the barren and lifeless Earth without the existence of humans present in the ecosystem.

The various fields of NieR Automata

NieR: Automata’s story is particularly praised for the depth it brings to world-building and the relationships between characters that allow the player to maintain plot tension from start to finish.

Look in production

The biggest question on the minds of NieR: Automata fans has to be who is involved in the production of such a valuable and classic entry into the gaming industry’s action-RPG sphere.

The first inclination for any news was the launch of the website, which is just as breathtaking as NieR: Automata itself, which inspired hope for an amazing adaptation. You can visit the site here

A preview of Nier Automata Anime

Long after the early days of the buzz, news broke that the production house behind the hit Square Enix game was none other than Aniplex.

Aniplex is the production house behind industry giants like Fullmetal Alchemist and Sword Art Online, among others. There’s no other production house that can do the material justice.

High fan expectations

NieR Automata fans are buzzing like crazy for the anime to drop or at least get a glimpse of how the animation and sound design, the game’s two defining features, will fit into the anime scene.

It will be a difficult task to adapt a story like NieR: Automata for an anime audience, in part because some of the game’s most defining moments come from being the protagonist and controlling 2B’s every action.

The other factor that makes it a difficult adaptation to urge die-hard fans is that the story is enhanced by sound design and multiple POVs, but time will tell if the anime lives up to the potential the anime presents. video game.

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