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Nintendo buys CG production company and renames it to Nintendo Pictures


Nintendo acquired a production company by the name of Dynamo Pictures. The Japanese gaming giant has acquired a 100% stake in production company CG and intends to rebrand it “Nintendo Pictures”, which it will focus on expanding Nintendo’s “visual content” portfolio.

What are the terms of Nintendo’s acquisition of Dynamo Pictures?

According to an official Nintendo announcement released earlier today, Tokyo-based CG production house Dynamo Pictures is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nintendo. The production company has a capital of 34.5 million yen and was originally founded in March 2011, before which various Dynamo staff helped produce the rather poorly received film. Metroid: Other M. Now, however, Dynamo, which will be renamed “Nintendo Pictures” after the deal closes, will be repurposed as Nintendo’s visual content production house.

Nintendo has a rich portfolio of IP addresses to draw on for its new Nintendo Pictures productions (although some third parties Smash Bros. characters probably won’t appear).

Nintendo’s announcement of Dynamo’s acquisition indicates that the studio will now focus on “the visual content planning and production structure within the Nintendo Group”. Since Dynamo does a lot of CG animation, it’s likely that Nintendo is looking to make CG movies or shows featuring some of its characters. Dynamo’s previous work includes Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive, Resident Evil: Infinite Darknessand Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes, so it’s a studio with a pretty solid pedigree. Despite this, Nintendo says the acquisition will have “only a minor effect” on its fiscal year results.

What movies will Nintendo be working on with its new Nintendo Pictures division?

Nintendo’s next big movie project is next Super Mario Bros. movie, which will star Chris Pratt (and will likely be significantly better than the 1993 adaptation). It remains to be seen what the company intends to do with its new acquisition of Nintendo Pictures, however. We could see more offbeat animated productions like the 80s mario movie recently restored by fans, but it’s more likely we’ll see a glut of Nintendo CG shows and movies with big franchises like mario and Zelda at the tip of the slate.

A question block image depicting the upcoming Super Mario Bros movie
Nintendo’s next big movie project is next Super Mario Bros. movie, which may or may not inform what Nintendo Pictures does next.

We’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo Pictures’ inaugural project ends up being, but one thing’s for sure: video game movies are growing in importance. It’s been a long time since it’s felt like good game movies can’t exist, but recent releases like Tom Holland’s Unexplored and Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City show that studios are still very willing to try on that front. Hit TV shows like the witcher (and its maddening and catchy songs) and Castlevania also demonstrate that there is still an appetite for great game-based visual content, so hopefully Nintendo Pictures can contribute to this small but growing canon. We’ll bring you more on that as we get it.