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NXT production team gets advice from WWE main roster


WWE changed a lot when NXT 2.0 started after Vince McMahon called to give the program a makeover. These NXT superstars also get some extra tips along the way.

According to a report by Combative selection, WWE helps its NXT Superstars understand some of the reasoning behind certain production decisions. This includes things that may seem basic, but they help tell the story of a match on TV.

Mandy Rose told the outlet that WWE invited Superstars into the production truck so they could receive tips. It was said that something like holding a facial expression for an extended period of time so that multiple cameras could take a photo was part of the training. The main list also assists in the production of NXT with tips.

One example she provided was holding a facial expression for a while for one or more cameras to pick it up. We’ve been told that NXT’s production has also received guidance in recent months from the main roster staff.

Kevin Dunn is around NXT as an interim producer, so the main roster’s influence will be noticed. We will have to see how far this influence will go over the weeks.

WWE relied on students at Full Sail University to do much of the NXT production work. It appears the partnership waned when NXT left Full Sail Arena during the pandemic. Now WWE is doing what they can to give NXT some advice so that it can further improve the brand’s presentation on TV.

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