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Pixel Labs Announces New FREE Production Studio for Students | Waverly Logs


This week, Pixel Labs, a marketing agency located in downtown Cedar Falls, announced the opening of its new production studio space, Studio212. This space features state-of-the-art technology and tools, including RGB lighting, a four-person podcast booth, and top-of-the-line hardware and software. Zach Everman, Founder and CEO shares, “I was born and raised in Cedar Valley, and have always had a passion for production. This led me to invest and create my agency here. Since that time, we have grown rapidly. When my father and I were building the studio, I asked myself, “How can I use it to help other people who have the same interests as me, but who may not have all the tools to To do ?” Then it hit me, let the students use the space for free. “I wish I had this while I was in school. I could try out my crazy ideas and meet other people who have similar interests he shares. Pixel Labs has strong relationships with local post-secondary institutions, making often calls for high-quality talent when hiring. Specifically, the University of Northern Iowa holds a special place in his heart. Zach studied media at the University of Northern Iowa, then began his career as a production specialist.