Home Production studio Pixomondo and William F. White to open second virtual production studio in Toronto – The Hollywood Reporter

Pixomondo and William F. White to open second virtual production studio in Toronto – The Hollywood Reporter


Visual effects company Pixomondo and Canadian television and movie rental company William F. White International are preparing to open their second virtual production studio in Toronto.

The Stage 6 installation, featuring a 16,100 square foot stage with a large semicircular LED volume measuring 62 feet in diameter, will have four dynamic modular sections to give cinematographers more lighting flexibility. Stage 6 will also host shorter length shoots for film and TV productions and commercials, unlike multi-month bookings for larger-scale, visual effects-rich TV and film projects destined for production stages. separate virtual venues in Toronto and Vancouver led by Pixomondo and William F. Blanc.

“We are dedicated to virtual production and see it as an integral part of the future of cinema. This new volume, located in the heart of Toronto, will continue to fuel the growth of content creation and provide opportunities for productions of all sizes to use this emerging technology, ”said Garin Josey, Executive Vice President and Chief of the operation of William F. White International, in a statement.

A virtual stage has already been launched in West Toronto and has already been used for season four of Star Trek: Discovery. Vancouver’s virtual production stage is slated to open in September.

“Toronto is one of the few places in the world where large-scale LED volume installations exist, and we are very proud to have been able to provide this with Canadian talent and partners, as well as the support of all. government agencies that have helped make the city one of the largest and most attractive physical production centers in the world, ”Pixomondo CEO Jonny Slow said in a statement.

For the three stages of virtual production, the technology partners are Epic Games (maker of Unreal Engine), Brompton Technology, Lenovo, NVIDIA and ROE Visual. Pixomondo, majority owned by Mayfair Equity Partners, has bases in eight cities in the United States, Canada, China and Germany.

Pixomondo’s recent credits include HBO Perry mason, HBO Max Raised by wolves and Roland Emmerich Falling moon. William F. White is owned by Sunbelt Rentals and offers cameras, lights, handles, power, specialty equipment, location support and over 1.4 million square feet of studio properties across Canada .


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