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Pixvana creates the virtual reality production studio WunderVu


Pixvana created its own in-house virtual reality production studio.

The Seattle startup announced today WunderVua new independent consulting firm for clients needing help with virtual and augmented reality storytelling projects.

Founded in 2015, Pixvana has developed a SaaS software platform called SPIN studio which helps VR filmmakers edit, process and stream video at 8K resolution.

The company was also already offering creative professional services to its existing clients. The creation of WunderVu makes this branch of Pixvana its own official company.

“This type of customer project-focused team is common for startups in emerging markets where customers need more than the software itself,” said Forest Key, CEO of Pixvana. “The team sits close to the engineers and goes back and forth with feature requests, ideas on production challenges, and shared discussions about what works for storytelling in the VR environment.”

WunderVu is led by Scott Squireswho co-founded Pixvana and is a Sci-Tech Academy Award winner known for his visual effects work and also a Lucasfilm veteran.

Pixvana now employs 25 people in total. The company raised $14 million last November led by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, with participation from investors including Raine Ventures, Microsoft Ventures, Cisco Investments, Hearst Ventures and Madrona Venture Group.