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Pooja Entertainment Becomes First Labor Indian Production House To Announce Film In Metaverse

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From the most discussed topic in 2021 to today’s reality, Metaverse is the new big thing that uses AR and VR to create spaces for rich user interaction that mimics the real world. Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg were some celebrities who bought virtual space in the Metaverse. Pioneer of movement in India and Indian entertainment is none other than Pooja Entertainment. Pooja Entertainment has purchased its first virtual land in the Metaverse, becoming the first-ever production house to step into this exciting new universe.

Called Poojaverse – this space will be a virtual space for creators to create never-before-seen quality immersive experiences for viewers, starting with their recently announced project “BadeMiyan ChoteMiyan”, making it the first-ever Indian film to be announced in the Metaverse.

As the visionaries and industry leaders that they are, big bosses Deepshikha Deshmukh and Jackky Bhagnani have spared no effort to not only own this pioneering digital business, but also to make the experience a powerful experience for the public. While other actors around the world are still considering this new avenue, Pooja Entertainment has already owned this exciting prospect and brought it to life in their inimitable way.

Speaking about Poojaverse and its vision, producer Deepshikha Deshmukh said, “Metaverse is the new frontier of the internet. It’s a new way to connect and engage with our audience and fans. People have ended up spending so much time online, whether for work, education, or entertainment. With the increased use came the concurrent growth of blockchain technology. Metaverse is becoming the future of virtual hangouts and will be the new way to consume content. I’m super happy to have our biggest and most ambitious project – BadeMiyan ChoteMiyan in the metaverse. Poojaverse is one step away from our end in that same direction. With time and a more nuanced understanding of this virtual space. We intend to make Poojaverse the go-to space for quality entertainment and various aspects of filmmaking in the digital world.

Speaking about their plans to bring the BadeMiyan ChoteMiyan franchise into the Metaverse experience, producer Jackky Bhagnani says, “I believe digital dominance has always been seen as something of the times to come, but things have changed with the pandemic. A world created as a result of this technology and the ideology of digital replication of real life, Metaverse, reigns supreme. It is no longer a futuristic idea, but one that has already begun to take shape and take on an ever-changing form. We’re really excited to announce our foray into our own virtual space – Poojaverse and our next big BadeMiyan movie ChoteMiyan – the first ever Indian movie to feature its announcement on the Metaverse.

The announcement video for ‘BadeMiyan ChoteMiyan’ wrote “blockbuster” all over and created major buzz across all platforms, leaving her fans captivated. The team at Pooja Entertainment is thrilled to reunite two generations with their greatest action artist – BadeMiyan ChoteMiyan with two megastars Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff playing the two titular characters. This Pooja Entertainment production is set to be released in five languages ​​Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam and is expected to break all box office records when it hits the big screen in Christmas 2023.