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Preymaker expands its production team and adds Zachary Fortin and Bridgette Doran


Creative and technology studio Preymaker has added Zachary Fortin to production and Bridgette Doran to operations. Using an advanced custom cloud platform, Preymaker is one of the first 100% cloud-native creative studios that creates content entirely in the cloud. Fortin will focus on Preymaker clients and project management, while Doran will be responsible for resourcing and talent management.

Fortin, who most recently worked as a VFX producer at The Mill and before that at Imaginary Forces, said the decision to join Preymaker was largely down to his respect for the people there. The fully cloud-based pipeline and expanded capabilities that go beyond traditional visual effects were also a draw. Fortin said, “I think it’s obvious that the technology landscape is converging the games industry, the visual effects industry, and the immersive industry. With the way Preymaker has established its infrastructure, making us limitless in terms of scalability, and with the talent we’re looking for, I think it’s pretty safe to say you’ll see some genre projects.

Doran brings holistic production industry experience to Preymaker, having previously worked in the entertainment industry at Viacom and Marvel Entertainment on everything from large-scale live events to episodic and digital content. Joining Preymaker, Doran said, was an opportunity to create something new. “There are no hurdles to jump through or bureaucracy to cut,” she said. “If you have an idea, you are free to express it and empowered to implement it. I have learned so much in my short time at Preymaker; it is a true testament to the innovation of the work of this team.

“Zach and Bridgette excel at logistics, multitasking and creative collaboration, and they maintain their composure in the face of challenges that may arise at work or operationally. Their respective expertise and support will allow our team to do the best creative work possible,” said Verity Grantham, who serves as executive producer at Preymaker along with Melanie Wickham. The creative head of Preymaker is Angus Kneale.