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PRG expands its virtual production studio


“PRG has responded to the demands of production during the pandemic by finding new ways to create and bring to life the vision of musicians, cinematographers and our corporate clients,” said Jeremy Harris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PRG. “Virtual production is one of the most promising and important recent innovations, so we have expanded our flagship studio.”

PRG’s virtual production studio includes stage xR, designed to provide full control over lighting and scenes being filmed with real-time viewing and full broadcast capabilities. This state-of-the-art workflow and technology can be applied to everything from award shows to corporate events, music videos, live-streamed concerts or commercial shoots.

“One of the most significant features of our new studio is the stage floor which measures 992 square feet – over 70% larger than our previous stage,” said Jerome Hallaert, Vice President of Production Services at PRG. “The depth beyond the stage means the cameras can pull back for wide shots. Many virtual and xR productions have been done using close shots. Now we’re seeing clients wanting to go deeper and all the studios are not big enough to accommodate.”

The large space can accommodate bands and dancers and can easily handle the car process as the studio features flexible LED ceiling panels, floor and walls and a large entrance into which a car can be driven and can accommodate great decorations. Additionally, PRG offers four different camera tracking systems in the studio, including Ncam® (for low budget xR projects), Stype (for full xR), Optitrack (for motion capture capability) and BlackTrax ( for the follow-up of the artists).

The studio features fully equipped workstations, including monitored suites for directors, producers, technical directors, robotic cameramen and sound engineers. Modular and flexible workstations are available to accommodate plug-and-play configurations; shading, EVS, utilities or graphics, these stations are specially designed and pre-routed with infrastructure and video signal plugins.

“We have facilitated a variety of productions ranging from performances using interactive xR and 3D environments, pre-recorded and live-streamed television shows, commercials to product launches,” Hallaert said. “Beyond the most advanced equipment, we can provide technicians who have the expertise in content, lighting and technology to bring projects to fruition.”

In addition to the virtual production studio in Los Angeles, PRG has digital studios in Chicago, Vegas, Nashville, New York, and Orlando. Across the Atlantic, PRG has Digital Studios in birmingham, Brussels, dubai, London, and Madrid as well as virtual production studios in Hamburg and Paris. These environments were created similarly for pre-recorded and live digital event content and designed for safe and efficient production at any scale.

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