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Producers Isaac Robert Hurwitz and Seth A. Goldstein launch transmedia production company Hugo Six


Producers Isaac Robert Hurwitz and Seth A. Goldstein announced the launch of Hugo Six, a transmedia production company with Broadway content and talent at its heart. Co-founded by Hurwitz and Goldstein, the company is dedicated to creating diverse and dynamic content for stage and screen that will captivate, enlighten and inspire contemporary audiences. Hugo Six has musical television ownership and several new Broadway-bound musicals on its development list. Earlier this summer, Hurwitz and Goldstein produced the song for “LEGO â„¢ Store: The Musical“, a two-minute musical film that can now be seen in taxis across New York City.

As an independent producer, Isaac Robert Hurwitz is currently portrayed on Broadway by Ms. Doubtfire, a project he initially developed as SVP of Twentieth Century Fox’s live stage division, where he oversaw all stage adaptations of the studio’s 2013 films until Disney purchased the studio in 2019. There he developed the Broadway adaptations of The Devil Wears Prada, The Secret Life of Bees and Working Girl, working with world-renowned artists like Elton john, Cyndi lauper, lynn nottage and Duncan Sheikh. For Fox, Hurwitz also provided creative oversight of the Broadway adaptations of Moulin Rouge! and Anastasia, and produced Ivo van HoveThe stage version of All About Eve, which broke box office records in London’s West End.

Seth A. Goldstein is a Tony Award-winning multiplatform producer with a history of significant artistic and managerial achievement. He is currently represented on Broadway with The Lehman Trilogy, with other credits including The Prom (Tony nomination); Hello Dolly! (Tony Award); A Doll’s House, Part 2 (Tony’s nomination); Glass factory; The first page; and Steve martinMeteor shower. Goldstein has developed and continues to produce “The Moblees,” an award-winning preschool television show with 50 episodes aired and streamed on CBC in Canada, AmebaTV in the United States and globally on YouTube. The Moblees brand also includes two song albums (Juno Award nomination), an award-winning iPad app, music videos, non-profit partnerships, and a history of live appearances in places as diverse as the White House, the United Arab Emirates and Austin City Limits.

In a joint statement, Hurwitz and Goldstein said, “Coming together in this business – first in the nonprofit world, then in commercial production – we have been in alignment for many years. With the experience in Isaac’s studio and Seth’s background producing for a variety of platforms, we’ve each developed a strong focus on transmedia storytelling. Now we’re excited to bring together our overlapping, but distinct skills and networks to support powerful new projects and voices.

Hugo Six is ​​headquartered in New York.

For more information, please visit: www.hugosix.com


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