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Production company donates pill press to Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics


Oklahoma’s Narcotics Bureau plans to put a prop it received from the TV series “Tulsa King” to good use.

The show, which was filmed in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, donated a pill press to the office.

One of the show’s producers called the office and asked if they wanted the working pill press to keep it from getting into the wrong hands.

Oklahoma’s Narcotics Bureau said it could seize a pill press, but receiving it as a donation is a first.

“We said absolutely,” said Mark Woodward of the Oklahoma Narcotics Bureau.

The commercial pill press was used as a prop in the new ‘Tulsa King’ series starring Sylvester Stallone.

The production company no longer needed it and feared selling the expensive prop would run the risk of allowing a drug dealer.

“Certainly it could be valuable on the streets,” Woodward said.

The OBN will use the pill press for training purposes, helping law enforcement officers know what to look for.

“The likelihood of them walking into a house and going through a pill press is becoming more common as we see more of these drug labs popping up here locally,” Woodward said. “[I]If you didn’t know what to look for, they might walk past a pill lab in a house and never recognize it as anything other than a piece of metal machinery in the corner of the garage.”

Modern tablet presses like the one offered are intended for pharmacies.

“They’re bought off the dark web and even the legitimate web because there’s no law necessarily prohibiting it,” Woodward said. “One of the drugs we are most concerned about are these counterfeit blue oxycodone pills that look side by side like pharmaceutical oxycodone but are nothing but Fentanyl.”

Woodward said the machines can mass-produce deadly counterfeit pills.

“People are buying the raw Fentanyl overseas. They’re buying these pill presses and these patches and in their own basement churning out thousands of pills an hour and putting them out on the streets. So we’re very happy that it this is a single pill press that will go to good use,” Woodward said.