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Production company Telltale launches ‘premium factual’ content – ATV Today


Lee and Fothergill started the production house which encompasses various visual and audio media offerings.

Producer Jago Lee and his business partner John Fothergill have announced the launch of their new transatlantic production company Telltale, which will specialize in premium factuality across audio, television and film.

“We love to tell complex, characterful and original stories and we know they are appreciated by audiences. They are also, of course, the most difficult series to develop directly on the television market. Telltale will take a platform independent approach – first producing the compelling stories we love in audio, then evolving them into the worlds of television and film. – Jago Lee

With shows all sharing guiding principles of originality, fun and purpose, Telltale’s launch list focuses on “thrilling factors” in key genres of crime, story and adventure. Telltale is already working with a number of broadcasters, curators and brands on a range of projects, and has entered into an exclusive first-look agreement with Antica Productions – one of the most popular independent television and podcasting channels in North America (The Revisers with Michelle Romanow, Madness of Two) – as part of an equity investment by the studio HQ’d in Toronto.

“Telltale is harnessing the power of the growing and exciting audio market, which has become a rich hunting ground for new IPs. We are positioning ourselves at the forefront of this market, in particular to develop a clear storytelling path from audio to screen. We are thrilled to have partnered with Antica Productions on our North American roster and look forward to sharing these rich stories with audiences soon. – John Fothergill

With Antica Productions, Telltale has access to the Canadian and American markets where they are co-developing a slate. The new partnership with Antica grew out of a previous working relationship, which saw Lee partner with the company to produce several podcast series, including art crime series. Art bust (presented by British art critic Ben Lewis) for UCG Audio, the podcast division of Universal Studio Group, which delves into twisted criminal stories from the art world.

The company’s development strategy is strongly influenced by the dramatic expansion of long-running narrative podcasts in recent years and the trend of these series becoming box-set television sets. Telltale takes an “audio first” approach, born in part from Lee’s involvement in a number of podcast projects in the UK and US over the past year.

“In Jago and John, we found independent producers of like-minded content, business goals and storytelling perspectives. With Antica’s investment in Telltale, we look forward to growing our collective footprint and providing our partners with an even wider range of projects in film, television and audio. – Stuart Coxe, President, Antica Productions

This decision marks a new chapter in Lee and Fothergill’s career. Lee, a seasoned producer and creative director through roles at Tiger Aspect, Antenna Pictures and Nerd TV which he co-founded with Charlie Parsons and John Farrar, with a variety of credits including How to rob a bank (Vice), Life is too short (HBO / BBC), Inside the gangster code (Discovery) and Orangutan Jungle School (Channel 4 / Love Nature) among many others, will combine his creative expertise with Fothergill’s business experience, which includes more than a decade at Goldman Sachs, launching several new ventures for the bank.

The duo will build on well-developed pre-launch partnership agreements and leverage their powerful network of collaborators, including former Red Arrow chairman and co-CEO James Baker, who chairs their board of directors.


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