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Puneeth Rajkumar’s production house launches Man of the Match


PRK Productions by Puneeth Rajkumar, which aims to release content-based films, will fund Rama Rama Re the next film from director D Satya Prakash, Man of the match. The film is produced by Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar in association with Satya and Mayura Pictures. The project, launched on March 18, was put in place in April but was halted due to the lockdown. The director, who resumed filming after the relaxation, will complete the entire film today. Interestingly, Puneeth had visited the sets a few days ago and wished them luck.

Director Satya is delighted that his film will be presented by the Puneeth production house. “I was in talks with Sir Puneeth to run a project for him, and have been discussing it for almost a year. However, the pandemic has caused a delay. I was free for three months when the idea of ​​l ‘history of Man of the match hit. I thought it was a good topic to explore. And when the first lock was lifted, I returned to Puneeth to discuss his movie, and I also shared with him the story of Man of the match. It caught his attention. I even shared a few scenes from the movie that got him even more excited. He felt the contents were quite cool. As he was linked to several projects, he offered to cover this film and he would support it. As soon as I received a green signal, I took it, ”says Satya.

The director says Puneeth has been supportive of him since the moment he discussed the understudy, and his support helped him end the film in one fell swoop. Interestingly, the whole movie was shot at Kanteerava Studios. This is the first time that an entire image has been taken under one roof. Social satire, carried out on a decent budget, mostly includes artists who have worked in Rama Rama Re. At least 120 artists are part of the film, which has a lot of freshers. “As the shooting took place in one place, we didn’t keep the monotony and offered different sets. We also played with the lighting, ”explains Satya.

While the term ‘man of the match’ is commonly associated with the game of cricket, Satya’s film refers to everyday life. “Life is a game, and we are the players. A person can play the game without values, but cannot become the man of the match. This is the theme of my film, ”says Satya. Actors include K Jayaram, Dharmanna Kadur, Nataraj among others. Music directors Nobin Paul and Vasuki Vaibhav mark the music, while cinematography is handled by Lavith Kumar and Madan Katokar. The film is edited by BS Kempraju, while the artistic department is handled by Varadaraj Kamath.


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