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RAI production team calls IBC Home for full coverage



August 1 is a day that will go down in the history of Italian sport as Lamont Jacobs won gold in the men’s 100 meters just minutes after compatriot Gianmarco Tamberi won gold in the men’s high jump. And the Italian national broadcaster RAI was there in force as more than 240 staff members are in Tokyo to fully produce the coverage that is seen at home.

Daniele Gotti from RAI in the RAI Sports Production Gallery at IBC.

“We have 25 people from radio and then on television 125 production and technical staff and the rest are journalists and commentators,” he explains. Daniele Gotti from RAI, Olympic Project Manager.

Two full production galleries can be found at IBC, one for Olympic Games coverage and one for news coverage. With 40 channels of EVS and a separate audio zone, it’s ready to take on the task of producing a full day of gaming coverage every day. Three signals are sent back to Italy, one each for coverage and news of the Olympic Games, plus a third for a late-night “best of” program. While most broadcasters have leaned heavily on remote production in their country, RAI has gone the other way, producing everything from Tokyo.

“We haven’t changed our plan from last year and a few people finally decided not to come,” Gotti explains. “But basically it’s the same production plan as last year.”

For the first time, RAI has rented an external studio from OBS and it is located in the OBS Studio Tower in Odaiba which overlooks the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay.

Six ENG teams are also part of the plan, using linked cell packs to pick up signals from mixed areas in track and field, swimming and fencing. And the team also uses the OBS Content + system.

“This is the first time we’ve used it and it’s absolutely a good system and we’re getting a lot out of it,” says Gotti.