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Saji Saleem Vidiyum’s thriller Varai Kaathiru backed by top production house


CHENNAI: VC Ravindhran from acclaimed production house Libra Productions will fund director Saji Saleem’s upcoming thriller Vidiyum Varai Kaathiru, starring Viddharth, Vikranth, Karthik Kumar and Varun in the lead roles. Saji Saleem, who will make his directorial debut with this film, worked as an assistant director for Ramkumar by Mundasupatti and Ratsasan.

Apart from Viddharth, Vikranth, Karthik Kumar and Varun, Chandran, Mahalakshmi Shankar, Quincy, Valina Francis and Nimmi Emmanuel will play significant roles in the film. Speaking about the film, Ravindhran said, “Vidiyum Varai Kathiru will be a complete one-night thriller. There will be no shortage of action scenes from start to finish.

“The film is about the aftermath that unfolds after a policeman and a Maoist swap cars. Karthik plays the policeman while Vikranth plays the Maoist. Viddharth is playing the driver and Varun is joining this journey at an interesting time,” Ravindhran said.

“When Saleem told the story, we felt that these actors seemed like the perfect fit for these characters,” Ravindhran added. “Viddharth, Vikranth and Karthik are all very good artists. Vidharth is good at choosing the right script and Vikranth is an excellent actor. Karthik was on a break and I convinced him to accept this role. I am confident that the film will give due recognition to these talented artists. Varun came from New Zealand to be part of the film,” he said.

He also said that all the characters in the film will be important.

Talking about the title of the film, Ravindhran said, “Many years ago, K Bhagyaraj sir directed the hit film Vidiyum Varai Kaathiru. We went to him and asked him for the title because it suited our story perfectly. He gave us this title wholeheartedly.

“Filming will begin on July 23 and will take place in Coimbatore for 30 days. As the events take place in one night, most of the scenes will be shot at night. It was decided to release the film by the end of October,” said Ravindhran.