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Santosh Sivan partners with a production house to launch an online music video channel


Kochi, Sep 2 (IANS) Cinematographer and director Santosh Sivan has teamed up with Joy Movie Productions to launch an online channel of music videos in a variety of genres.

The announcement was made by Sivan and Ajith Joy Kizhakebhagathu, CMD of Joy Movie Productions here on Thursday.

The new channel, which will launch in November 2021, will offer all types of music, including classical, folk and contemporary music, viewed with the “most” modern production and post-production facilities and engaging the “best”. talents in the respective fields, they said. .

Sivan said preparations are in the final stages and he is very excited to direct and shoot his first ever music video for the new venture.

“The second set of videos are also on the cards as the launch clip will be immediately followed by six Malayalam folk songs sung by folk music group Kanal Thiruvali from Malappuram district. To be written and sung by a raw talent group led by Athul Narukara, who is also a doctoral candidate in folk music at the University of Calicut,” said Sivan.

“The six folk songs aim to entertain listeners by taking them into a never-before-seen world of music, lyrics and talent,” he added.

Joy, a nuclear medicine doctor by profession, said the first of the Joy Music Videos productions will be an all-India music video, which will be shot across the country.

“The music video under production will feature two of Bollywood’s leading models. It will be a huge launch for the channel as it is the first music video from a famous lens and director like Sivan with large-scale visuals and multiple places and like the best music ever gelled, will be an absolute expression of love,” Joy said.

Joy added that the channel would bring to life many genres of endangered Kerala folk and classical music including sopana sangeetham, paanan pattu, vadakkan pattu, vanchipattu among others.

“The channel aims to release at least two music videos each month and will be constantly on the lookout for the best talent in music. The channel will be a platform to provide opportunities for up-and-coming and up-and-coming artists and technicians, including musicians , singers, lyricists, filmmakers, and others,” Joy added.