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DJEDDAH: You’ve heard of flips, twists, and turns underwater, but a new extreme water sport allows sports fans to do the same above the surface. It’s called the flyboard and it will take you to new heights.

Saudis flock to the newest and coolest new water sports activities. Invented in 2012 by French watercraft pilot Franky Zapata, the flyboard is a hydrovol device that uses propulsion to fly a board through the air to perform tricks and skills. With the right balance and thrust, the board allows users to get out of the water and fly, and a Saudi flyboard instructor can show you how.

Mussab Feemban, a certified flyboard instructor, has practiced the art of aquatic hoverboarding anywhere he can find a body of water deep enough to hold the board and large enough to hover over.

“Flyboarding is a new sport in the Kingdom; it’s very popular with people whether they want to try it out or just watch the show, ”Feemban told Arab News.

“Anyone can practice the sport in the presence of an instructor and of course safety equipment such as a helmet and a life jacket. It is one of the most fun and difficult water activities, ”he added.

Feemban discovered his passion for water sports in 2009 while riding a jet ski. He then discovered flyboarding in 2017, fell in love with it and took courses in Hurghada and Dubai, to become an official certified flyboard instructor in the United States.

“I was discovered 2 months ago by the Jeddah waterfront operator while posting my flyboard performance on social media, the operator contacted me and offered me the opportunity to be part of their activities and have been playing ever since, ”he said.

“I started flyboarding on the Jeddah seafront two months ago, and thank goodness it was a great participation. Over 300 people have tried it, including women and children who wanted to try it.

Feemban is active on social media, including TikTok, where he has amassed over 300,000 followers in just four months. “This is the biggest proof of the high demand for water sports,” he said.

Feemban pointed out that the flyboard requires agility, strength and patience, as it can take a while to find balance while hovering over water, but it is suitable for everyone.

The price for a half hour of flyboarding is 250 SR ($ 67).

“Flyboarding is considered a fun activity and you can do it for less than half an hour. No one can flyboard any longer because of the pressure on the knees. Yes, it burns calories and firms the body, however, it is not a substitute for regular sports activities like going to the gym.

Feemban has participated in such events as Saudi National Day celebrations at Jeddah waterfront and Sharqiyah, opening of Asir waterfront and many other exciting occasions.

“Flyboarding is an entertainment sport activity, and the Sports Ministry is focusing on Saudi Arabian youth to prepare for the Olympics and international sporting events.”

“Do you want to fly? We will make this happen, ”he added.



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