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Serviceplan Group launches the first integrated production company for branded neo-narratives


Photo from left to right: Irina Schestakoff and Kieve Ducharme, Managing Directors, Serviceplan Make

Serviceplan, recently awarded “Craft Agency of the Year” at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022, now pools its potential in the new entity Serviceplan Make to create a unique service for customers, brands and products. Combining over 50 years of production experience with innovative, all-new services, Serviceplan Make, a new global production company led by Managing Director Kieve Ducharme, will set the standard for end-to-end content production and creation. Serviceplan Make’s first customers are Ferrero and Lufthansa.

In addition to Kieve Ducharme, Irina Schestakoff has held the position of Managing Director of Serviceplan Make since July 2022. She is responsible for the areas of growth and content strategy as well as networking with the other Serviceplan agencies.

Alexander Schill, CCO of the Serviceplan Group comments: “A good brand is a story that is constantly being told. However, future communication behaviors change massively – this will happen episodically, being hyper-individualized and used in a lot of different media. With Serviceplan Make, we are creating a scalable global production company for the communication needs of tomorrow.

Kieve Ducharme, Managing Director of Serviceplan Make, explains further: “We want to meet the demand for immersive brand stories with a new type of content: neo-stories. With Serviceplan Make, we design, create, realize and adjust exactly the content that successful brands need to inspire target groups and create unique experiences.

Till Diestel, CCO of Serviceplan Germany adds: “Innovative stories can be handcrafted, with iconic content created by masters of their craft, or thousands of assets that will be adapted and delivered for atomic customer journeys. Serviceplan Make uses channels, technologies and creative ideas to reach target groups in an impressive way.

Whether it’s “crafted content” or “content at scale”, the new type of service offered by Serviceplan Make will revolve around a content and execution strategy defining the specificities of the essential neo-narratives . Serviceplan Make will always be ready to involve talents and experts from the sectors of; cinema and photography; post production; CGI; retouching; phygital innovation; large-scale productions; to print; digital and asset generation; as well as audio, sound and music. This principle takes brand-optimized and customer-oriented production quality to a new level, and creates the experiences and customer journeys of decades to come.

By deploying all productions through the newly created MakeOS platform, Serviceplan Make can achieve a high level of transparency and customer orientation as an end-to-end supplier from the brand and company side. To achieve this, more than 800 employees, spread over all key markets, are already in position for the launch of the new entity: Serviceplan Make.

Serviceplan Make, thanks to its close integration with the creative agencies Mediaplus and Plan.Net of the Serviceplan group, goes far beyond the usual services of a conventional production house. As a result, the new entity is able to deploy excellent know-how or even thousands of assets in the form of unique narratives that are very specifically focused on impact, awareness and strategic objectives.

“This is why Serviceplan Make is fully anchored in our Communication Houses and integrated with other specialists in the media, creativity and technology sectors”, explains Vincent Schmidlin, partner and spokesperson for the Serviceplan agencies.

The importance of content services is also reflected in the composition of the Serviceplan agency holding team. In addition to Vincent Schmidlin, Till Diestel, Stefanie Kuhnhen and Holger Scharnofske, Kieve Ducharme is now also responsible for the production of creative assets within the intermediary holding of the Serviceplan agencies itself.

Kieve Ducharme, who led the planning process for Serviceplan Make, has many years of experience in the production, content and production studio industries. She came from Mediamonks to the Serviceplan Group, where she was responsible for the area of ​​growth and customer solutions. Previously, she was Chief Production Officer in the production department of the Publicis group. In a previous position, she worked on setting up production offers between the WPP and Hogarth agencies.

Serviceplan Make co-CEO Irina Schestakoff started her career as a creative, worked with agencies such as Ogilvy and Leo Burnett, among others, as creative director as well as on the corporate side with Breuninger as digital strategic director. Most recently, she was Director of Digital Content Design at Accenture Interactive, where she was responsible for content strategy as well as implementation for global clients.

Irina Schestakoff, Managing Director of Serviceplan Make, says, “Production involves content strategy, concept, creation, connection, customer and control. Serviceplan Make reflects this necessity at all touchpoints, so brands reach the right customers at the right time – in the right form”