Home Production company Sky Island Storytelling, a film production company known for its unorthodox approach to elevating stories to greater heights

Sky Island Storytelling, a film production company known for its unorthodox approach to elevating stories to greater heights


When you look at the personalities who have managed to take center stage, capture the public’s interest and win the support of millions of people, one common trait emerges: authenticity.

Individuals from all walks of life gravitate towards those who don’t hide behind facades and glitz, and that’s true of companies trying to make a name for themselves in their fields.

Coming from a non-traditional background, Tale of Sky Island makes open-minded films from a serious perspective on a wide variety of topics. These projects are about overcoming adversity, empowerment and recovery, while being simple and authentic.

It is a leading creative production house, with awards of all kinds, such as Best Director and Best Documentary, among others. Some of their award-winning titles include:

“I want to believe”? UFOs and aliens

“The Secret Cup”? Cannabis lifestyle

“The other side of the ring”? female wrestling

“Aliens versus Bigfoot”? UFOlogy & Cryptozoology

“Alpine zoos & you”? Animal rehabilitation

“Is mindfulness right for you”? Self-help

“Don’t call me Bigfoot”? Sasquatch

“Why are we fighting”? Martial arts and boxing

FOX has just released the latest two inspirational Sky Island Storytelling films on their FREE streaming platform TubiTV where they also host all of their other films.

Like much of their viral success, these films focus on two very distinct cultural phenomena, an awards show for black and minority comedians as well as an international cannabis contest back when it was mostly illegal. 9 years after its creation, they are now at the forefront of the industry.

It’s run by Jeremy Norrie, a go-getter whose current portfolio includes movies on Amazon, CBS, Apple TV, and YouTube, plus hundreds of other streaming platforms, where he can tell all kinds of stories.

Our most popular films actually deal with subjects like UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, and that sort of thing,Norrie said.These films have a huge success; millions of people have seen them and their communities are extremely supportive. Even so, I would say we have better movies there.

The main distinction between their films is the authentic and honest focus on telling the whole story. “While it’s important to have an open mind, these people and their stories can inspire others who may be facing similar challenges. Our films do more than entertain, and that’s better for filmmakers than financial success,adds Norrie.

Sky Island Storytelling strongly believes in creating rich, cinematic visuals and showcasing the stories of its clients. They have dominated the space for the past few years, racking up numerous wins. Despite the widespread praise, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Under the leadership of a capable team, this renowned company will continue to help those under its wing build lasting connections with their target market. They also encourage people to discover the unique publicity opportunities that only independent filmmakers like them can provide, for subjects and in situations almost impossible to reach otherwise.

Sky Island Storytelling documentaries are available on free streaming platforms from FOX, CBS, Amazon, Roku, Apple TV, Plex and Youtube among many others. Just type Jeremy Norrie’s name on your Fire Tv app and anywhere you stream movies, or go directly to TheSkyIsland.com to find links to watch them all for free.

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