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Sono Sion solar hatchback on track for 2023 production, company says


Sono Motors announced on Monday that it has taken another step towards putting its electric sedan Sion into production on schedule.

In a press release, Sono said it has entered the serial validation development phase. The company said it is currently building a fleet of 37 production validation and body-in-white vehicles, which represent the final design of the Sion.

Sono Sion solar-assisted electric car

The fleet, which consists of 16 complete vehicles and 21 “test structures”, will be used to test things like driving dynamics and the vehicles’ resistance to extreme climates, according to Sono. The company said this testing program will take place in both Europe and the US, although it hasn’t announced plans to sell the Sion here.

The finalized design will also be unveiled to the public this summer, and some of the series validation vehicles may also embark on a Europe-wide tour, the company said.

The Sion stands out from other electric vehicles because it will use all the body panels for the solar panels, not just the roof. These panels can provide up to 4,600 miles of range per year without plugging in, the company said.

Sono Sion solar-assisted electric car

Sono Sion solar-assisted electric car

Sono is also designing the Sion as a mobile power bank, with two-way charging and an AC wall box, so owners can potentially tap into the car’s solar panels when it’s not being driven.

The company first showed the Sion in what was described as “production” form in early 2019. But the company has given its one-off model a range and load boost as it goes along. development, as well as a switch to LFP cells. Sono currently estimates 189 miles of range, up from around 160 miles previously.

Sono’s statement said the series validation program would be supported by suppliers Thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions and Betrandt. But conspicuously absent was any mention of earlier plans to assemble the Sion with NEVS at Saab Automobile’s former home in Trollhättan, Sweden. We’ve reached out to the company to get confirmation that these are still enabled.