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‘Spinning Gold’ Director Tells MTV Story, Starts Production Company Hero Partners (EXCLUSIVE)


“Spinning Gold” director Timothy Scott Bogart will tell the story behind MTV through his new production company.

Hot on the heels of the Cannes market launch of “Spinning Gold,” the story of Casablanca Records founder Neil Bogart, the director unveiled Hero Partners, a partnership with producing partner Jessica Martins of Hero Entertainment, and producer and financier of “Spinning Gold”. Chris Torto.

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Dedicated to streamlining independent film financing, the new venture will fully fund four to five films a year, providing a one-stop shop to fund and produce a slate of music-focused projects across film, TV and theater. (Broadway).

Torto has raised an initial feature film production fund of $100 million, highlighted by a slate of original pop musicals including “Marian,” a period film set to modern music that tells the true story by Robin Hood. Production begins in Italy in November with Bogart at the helm and Martins and Torto producing.

The true story of MTV’s launch, which is planned as both a feature film and a Broadway musical, with writing by Bogart and original MTV VJs Mark Goodman and Alan Hunter serving as executive producers, is also planned for the initial list. Martins and Torto will produce.

“Content has always been king, and content creators have always been the currency of the kingdom,” Bogart said. “Enabling these creators not only to have their passion projects funded, but also to protect their rights to those projects along the way is a cornerstone of the Hero Partners philosophy.

“Chris’ financial support was the reason we were able to complete ‘Spinning Gold’ before selling it, retain the soundtrack and Broadway musical rights, and tell this deeply personal story exactly as it should be told. We look forward to emulating this process with our next list.

Bogart said the challenge has always been to secure financing for his films, while retaining “critical rights” like soundtrack, Broadway and touring, which he says are “extraordinary extensions of the brands of almost always impossible to preserve”.

Martins added: “The path to independent financing has evolved over the years into a complex maze of tax credits and pre-sale loans, coupled with equity financing that has become increasingly difficult to obtain. When we first shared our vision for how we wanted to fund Spinning Gold, Chris, whose success over the years has been defined by battling expected industry norms, immediately embraced our centered vision. on the artist for a new type of studio in the tradition. early United Artists and major independents like Goldcrest Films. And then he went further, asking if that model could be the basis of not just this movie, but an entire company committed to questioning the way things had always been.

Hero has also committed funding for a Broadway musical adaptation of “Spinning Gold,” slated for the 2023/2024 season.

Bogart will direct from his book and produce alongside Martins and Torto. The main cast members of Spinning Gold are in talks to return to star in the Broadway musical.

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