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Texans Video Production Team Named ‘Best in Football’ | Daily infusion


The Texans were also finalists for: Best Show Open, Best Mascot Video and Best Overall in Sports. The prestigious award was the seventh GMA for the Texans video team, more than any other NFL franchise. Led by Gavin Gehrt, executive producer and director of video production, Kenneth Perkins and Tom McGuigan who design and edit the motion graphics, and marketing director Jackie Maldonado all help create the Texans Gameday experience, seen on the 14,549-foot square high definition video screens at NRG Stadium. Special kudos also go to Andrew Johnson, Ryan Records, Casey Potter and Ashley Alspaugh who helped create a winning Gameday experience for Texans fans.

A GMA Best Overall Video Display Award will be presented to the top voter in each of IDEA’s seven subdivisions (baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, minor league, soccer, college). These seven division winners will be selected during special sessions at IDEA’s annual conference. An overall winner in this category will then be selected from among the seven finalists by a vote of the whole membership.

The Texans’ video production team has won Best Overall Video Display in four of the past seven years (2013, 2015, 2016, 2019). In his 2019 acceptance speech, Gehrt dedicated the award to the late founder, president, and CEO Robert C. McNair (1937-2018).