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The brothers launch a production company in Memphis


From making movies at home to hosting screenings at a local theater, two brothers from Memphis excel in the world of production with their new company.

One brother dreamed of being a director as a child and another discovered an interest in journalism.

The two have always wanted to make people laugh, so they came together to create something that would.

No matter where in Memphis, two brothers are able to turn it into a production set.

Like siblings, brothers Caleb and William Suggs don’t even agree on the little things, like who gave birth to their biggest idea. But what seems to be flowing is the partnership in their new production company, Studio Suggs.

“One thing I hear from people of color is that it’s so great to see two black people building something in Memphis in their own city and making it into something successful,” Caleb said. .

But regardless of race, age or preference, the Suggs brothers said it’s easy to find entertainment and inspiration in their movies.

“The very first thing you see on camera, you see a Hispanic couple, and then it spins around. and then there’s a white couple, and then you turn around, and there’s a black couple

Younger brother Caleb took the scriptwriting and directing reins.

“Caleb is like 24/7, when he’s not at work he’s doing something,” William said.

The two turn filming into full pre- and post-production, doing most of the work in their own bedrooms, bringing the films to life, and even hosting screenings at a local theater.

“We have a lot of interest in entertainment and in comedy in a way that no one else seems to be offering,” Caleb said.

Expanding their roots in comedy and entertainment, the two have collaborated with locals who also have interests in acting, directing and producing.

“What we want to do is inspire people, give them the opportunity to shine and create more opportunities for them in the future,” Caleb said.

Since working with Studio Suggs, the two team members have landed gigs for other films, fulfilling one of its objectives and production goal.