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The difference that a passionate production house can make


We are a few hours from the Varudu Kaavalenu exit of Naga Shaurya. Sithara Entertainments, which is one of the busiest banners in the industry right now, is funding the film and showing the world how to promote a small film. Like no other movie in recent times, Varudu Kaavalenu has had three big events.

They hosted the trailer launch event, Sangeeth event, and pre-release event and all were attended by big stars (Rana, Pooja Hegde and Allu Arjun) as the main guests. . With the presence of big stars in addition to promotional content drawing in a family audience, the film managed to generate a decent buzz.

The team toured the studios of the television stations and gave several interviews on television and in the written press. The channels were inundated with specials and trailers. So much activity, positive promotions and the presence of stars mean that every news outlet is bombarded with content or whatever about the film.

We are talking about a small film here and it is unheard of for Naga Shaurya. Maybe that’s the difference a passionate production house can make for a movie. It should be a textbook case for others. Now that the promotions are super good, we’ll have to see how they translate into openings tomorrow.

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