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The fashion production house offers a valuable look at winter trends


LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – The Evans Group, a Los Angeles clothing manufacturer, has new information on custom fashion for winter.

In a recent blog post, the TEG team offers a unique look at some of the main winter fashion trends. While fashion industry trends may change, there always seem to be classic pillars that persist.

The article serves as a valuable touchstone both for readers interested in what the fashion industry has to offer and for emerging fashion designers looking to focus on these trends and similar garments.

Down jackets and winter fashion trends

For example, TEG exposes the resistance of the down jacket. Not only is it a useful outerwear that keeps you warm, but, as the Los Angeles-based clothing maker explains,

“Down jackets have always been a winter trend over the years, and it looks like this holiday season is no different. Brands like Stella McCartney and Givenchy are constantly improving old models of down jackets. This year, the new trendy puffer jacket is shorter this year, while the puffed parts are wider. They are less suited to your body shape.

And that is perhaps the main challenge of such a classic winter staple; find new and exciting ways to make it fresh. As TEG points out, because it’s colder outside, pieces like coats will always have a place by default. However, it’s up to the fashion designer to bring something truly unique to an already winning formula.

And, more importantly for emerging fashion designers, the clothing maker is currently offering winter sales, with 10% off orders placed before 2022. And after reviewing the services offered by The Evans Group, it’s is probably an opportunity for all fashion curious to dive into a new world of design.

Go incognito: subtle but elegant

Who would have thought that keeping things close to the waistcoat would be so stylish? As TEG pointed out, incognito clothing is turning out to be a classic winter fashion trend. For the uninitiated, incognito fashion is a trend where the wearer dons darker, more oversized clothing that makes the wearer appear undercover.

Besides making sense for a cold season, incognito fashion is also popular all year round.
Citing a recent appearance in a fashion show, TEG illustrates the possible increase in incognito clothing after winter.

“… incognito styles turned heads at the last Fashion Awards in London. Actor Billy Porter, surrounded by models wearing incognito coveralls, left a memorable impression on viewers’ minds.

Fashion giants like Dior produce clothes incognito. Is it possible to go undercover and produce a unique look with the clothes you wear? Absoutely.”

All about Moiré

Moiré is an ever popular fabric that can be found in many clothing lines, from emerging designers to established fashion production houses. As TEG specifies:

“Moiré, the versatile wavy fabric, is making waves this winter. Whether it’s a moiré blazer for a Christmas party or a dress for a fancy restaurant, moiré is always one of the fabrics we love to see.

Moiré is a unique pattern that works as both a quasi-optical illusion and an attractive fashion pattern. The experienced pattern makers at TEG in Los Angeles have extensive experience with Moiré to ensure that any designer can use the unique fabric.

Who would have thought that science and fashion could join forces for something people love to wear?

The enduring legacy of knitwear

Of course, knits like sweaters will always be in fashion during the fall and winter seasons. Knitwear, especially oversized sweaters, are incredibly versatile and still popular with consumers. TEG sums up the mesh perfectly; adding a cheeky and succinct description of beloved fashion clothes:

“Of course knitwear and winter go hand in hand like freshly fallen snow and a nice cup of hot chocolate. If there’s one thing you can count on in the fashion industry, it’s a stylish outfit including knits. In particular, oversized knits are booming. So break out these oversized styles to get started on this winter sweater trend.

Putting it all together with winter fashion accessories

Finally, TEG doubles the fashion pillars with winter fashion accessories. Specifically, scarves and boots have the most potential this winter season.

How New Fashion Designers Capitalize on Starting a Clothing Line

In addition to offering the reader a unique take on winter fashion trends, TEG allows fashion designers to tap into different ways to use clothing manufacturers in 2022 and beyond.

Jennifer Evans and her company provide unique options for fashion designers looking for a small-run clothing manufacturer that serves both the Los Angeles metro area and well beyond the US borders.

After consulting Jennifer Evans herself, the aspiring fashion designer meets the creative design team and participates in creative services of breathtaking depth.

The creative process, filled with brainstorming sessions, fashion moodboard building and everything in between, ensures that fashion designers have ultimate creative control over their own clothing line.

After finalizing all the creative details, the fashion tech pack, or blueprint, is handed over to the pattern maker and other professionals in the clothing maker. Once in the hands of the model maker, the extensive design process, filled with pattern writing, draping, sewing and cutting, continues.

Depending on the size of the clothing order, the fashion designer can complete their order in a matter of weeks. If the designer orders a smaller clothing line (and TEG itself doesn’t offer a minimum), designs are completed faster, especially with rush orders.

Either way, fashion designers of all experience levels can find a valuable creative ally in Jennifer Evans and The Evans Group. Regardless of the area of ​​expertise, residency and more of a designer, TEG is there for you.

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