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The film production house calls for actors


ACKIM Films Production is calling on actors to participate in their latest production – Deep Silences (Dark Secrets) whose auditions will take place on September 17th at the Angolan Embassy in Harare.

The production house is looking for approximately 26 members between the ages of 13 and 42 from across the country.

Production organizer Keith Mseza has confirmed Standard Style’s developments.

“The call is primarily looking for young and old Zimbabweans who are passionate about acting. Anyone with or without experience or in the arts industry is welcome,” Mseza said.

“The call asks all people across the country to join our journey in finding talented actors to be part of our project called Deep Silences (Dark Secrets).”

Mseza said they would accept all responses from across the country as long as individuals are able to travel to the audition destination.

“Personal interviews would also be conducted before the auditions to learn about the contestants and other aspects crucial to selecting the best candidates for each role in the film,” he said.

Mseza said Cloud Mhlanga organizes the auditions and gathers the applicants.

“The cast needs about 26 members.

“The movie we’re working on is called Deep Silences (Dark Secrets) which is more like a wealthy family (parents and two kids),” he said.

“The woman involves herself in such a dangerous world full of drug dealers and hides her disgusting acts from the whole family and it has really thrown her into deep crisis after crisis.

“The incidents almost killed all the members of the family”

Mseza added that screenplay writer Kawengo Samachayi, an award-winning author, was of Angolan descent.

“We would use the Angolan Embassy as the venue because we got the green light from the Angolan Embassy to do our auditions there,” he said.

“I have always been inspired by young people who have succeeded in the arts industry so far and I have always wondered how they got there.

“What I realized was that they all had a starting point and making this film would help so many young talents in Zimbabwe tap into the arts industry and make a name for themselves.”

Additionally, Mseza believes in uplifting anyone who has the passion and commitment to something.

“I believe that the success of a project is guaranteed from the moment you commit,” he said.

“So many people have no business blaming education as a hindrance.

“I want to give everyone a chance to prove themselves and help each other without needing a document or certificate of a certain level of education,” Mseza said.

Production is based in Bulawayo.

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