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“The industry doesn’t have to be owned by a particular production house or artist”: Amit Sadh


Although he is a known face on the small screen, Amit Sadh was still an underdog when he entered Bollywood. Although his movie career was a mixed bag of hits and misses, he cemented his place on OTT with his web series, Breathe. And, today, Amit added another feather to his cap with a podcast.

The actor is currently enjoying praise from the recently released podcast, Batman Ek Chakravyuh, on Spotify. It is a Hindi adaptation of the platform’s global audio series, Batman Unburied, with Amit voicing the caped crusader. Bringing David S. Goyer’s creation to life in India, this audio series is produced by Mantra Mugdh.

There have been several on-screen adaptations of Batman with popular actors stepping in to play the Dark Knight. Playing the deep-voiced superhero isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and it becomes all the more difficult when it comes to an audio format. How did Amit manage to master Batman’s “voice”? “I would just say that as soon as we got to the studio, I sat down and walked into the area. Fortunately, it was a good start and nothing held me back,” shares Amit.

On the work side, Amit is currently busy filming the third season of Breathe. “I don’t have a lot of work. I only have Breathe 3 which I have been shooting for nine months. Breathe 3 takes off from where the second season ended. I hope the audience will like the story. The script is attractive and the storyline is tightly woven,” the Kai Po Che! The actor adds.

The OTT platform saw a sudden rise when the pandemic brought the entire world to a standstill. Audiences browsed the available content with a click. Since the closure of cinemas, many filmmakers have chosen to release their films on the OTT. Then, some films were made exclusively for OTT. Some filmmakers were embraced, while some Bollywood biggies weren’t. When we asked Amit what he thought of the same, the answer was: “I’m not qualified to answer that question. I think OTT has a smooth understanding and process. Theatrical releases were halted due to Covid. So filmmakers were suffering. Adjusting to the new process will take some time. However, whenever good content is created, people watch it. We shouldn’t not simply aspire to our earnings. The industry does not need to belong to a particular production house or artist. There is no need to categorize artists into A, B or C lists. Instead of that, we should come together and work in a unified way, which will elevate our industry,” Amit believes.

Since Baahubali broke through the regional film barrier, several filmmakers have tried to replicate his success. Today, many Southern industry films are doing well at the box office. Sharing his view, Amit says, “These are not Southern films, these are Indian films. No sort of bifurcation is necessary. Unfortunately, not all movies do well at the box office. Also, not all films that fail are bad. For example, my film Running Shaadi did not do well, which was a loss for me. But it worked wonders on an OTT platform. Sometimes audiences like a movie, sometimes they don’t. We don’t need to over-analyze.

Amit does not hesitate to embark on a film from the South. “I am open to films in all languages. I haven’t received any offers from the Southern Territory yet,” concludes Amit.

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Posted: Wednesday May 4th 2022, 07:00 IST