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The local production company aims to support independent artists on tour


FORT ST. JOHN, BC – After four years of planning, residents Naomi Shore and Ryan Sebastiano have launched their own live music production business, Bruised Orange Productions, bring more independent musicians on tour to Fort St. John.

Both Shore and Sebastiano are heavily involved in the music scene, hosting several shows, house gigs and working on their own separate projects.

Shore, a longtime resident of the Energetic City, has toured Canada and Australia over the past decade and has many connections with other touring artists.

“We love bringing these indie artists on tour, usually folk artists, to Fort St. John,” Shore said.

The couple started hosting monthly winter shows at Whole Wheat and Honey Cafe a few years ago, which were later postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic.

“We were like, ‘well, I guess we’re never going to do live shows again.’ So it took a step back,” Shore recalled.

They recently reached out to the city’s director of arts and culture to see how they could work together to revive the live music scene in Fort St. John by promoting and booking more artists.

“We really missed those shows we did at Whole Wheat and Honey, bringing the community together and introducing them to these great artists they had never heard of.

She says her hope now that they’ve officially launched the business is to create brand recognition to allow touring artists to attract more audience members.

“I think it’s hard for people to take a chance on a musician they don’t know and have never heard of,” Shore said.

“I’m hoping that if after a few months or a few years, people see the Bruised Orange logo and say, ‘oh, it’s Naomi and Ryan. They put on great shows.

Shore says the company has a few plans for the future, including partnering with the city for concerts in the park and hosting in-home concerts this summer.

The company’s first event will be a house concert on July 8 featuring artist Maddie Storvold.

Those interested in learning more about the company can check out their Facebook page, find them on Instagram, or contact them by email at [email protected]