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The mysterious Marvel production company could be an America Chavez series


It was recently revealed that Marvel Studios had registered two other mystery production companies, both created to host a Disney Plus series set in the superhero universe.

Extremely Dangerous Productions and Prodigal Pie Productions don’t seem to offer any clues as to what they might be on the surface, but let’s not forget that the formation of Oakhaven Productions led a cabal of online sleuths down a rabbit hole that has finally resulted in the official announcement of Agatha: House Harkness.

A new theory from The Cosmic Circus has postulated that Prodigal Pie could be a codename for a one-man show featuring Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Newbie America Chavez, and that’s far from the craziest thing we’ve ever heard, even if it takes a hell of a leap of logic.

In short, New York resident and superheroine America Chavez has a well-known affinity for pizza, which was factored into both a comic book storyline alongside her local New York colleague and from Disney Plus, Kate Bishop (who even has a pizza dog), and a quest in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game. Another word for pizza? Pie, of course.

Additionally, the word “Prodigal” may or may not refer to his return from the untapped vastness of the multiverse to his hometown in the Big Apple, safely within the Sacred Timeline.

Is it a stretch? Absolutely, but every streaming project pre-moon knight was headlined by a character first introduced to the big screen who wasn’t close to sniffing out an actual starring role, so that certainly can’t be ruled out just yet, either.