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The Nintendo Switch becomes an MPC-style music production studio in a new concept


We’ve seen many ingenious uses for the Nintendo Switch – notably from Nintendo itself with its Labo series of cardboard controllers – but this new concept of music production from design house Alquemy is something else entirely.

It’s based on the premise that you can replace the standard Joycons – game controllers that attach to the side of Nintendo’s console – with Akai Pro MPC style music maker modules. The Switch could then run the appropriate software, which could be managed through its touchscreen.

We think it’s a great idea, and one that has been amazingly viewed. In Alquemy’s design, a bank of nine MPC-style pads are positioned on the left, along with various control buttons. The right controller is occupied by more buttons and a strip of rotary knobs, while I/O is split between the two accessories.

Nintendo Switch MPC design

(Image credit: Alquemy)

Commenting on its design. Alquemy (opens in a new tab) says, “When the kids go to bed, turn their Switch into a fully functional MPC, sample some records, and hit some beats.”

You could argue, reasonably enough, that an iPad and companion Bluetooth controller would make for a more flexible and powerful portable touchscreen production studio than this, but there’s something about the Switch’s modular nature – and the fact that the controllers are literally part of the console – that means this concept makes sense. Now all we need is for Akai Pro to build it.

If you want to start making music on your Switch right now, check out Korg Gadget, a port of the iOS and Mac music production studio that pushes our nostalgia buttons by offering a Sega Genesis drum machine and Taito arcade synth.

Nintendo Switch MPC Design

(Image credit: Alquemy)