Home Production house The production company denies any involvement in an accident at the Mirror concert

The production company denies any involvement in an accident at the Mirror concert


Home made 菱藝廣告 (Art Design) clarified that it had no connection with the serious accident at the Mirror concert last night, while Music Nation Group and MakerVille, organizers of the concert, apologized for the incident.

菱藝廣告 (Art Design), which is responsible for stage engineering duties for the recent Mirror concert, was in the spotlight after a huge television screen fell and injured two dancers. One is currently still in the intensive care unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The agency immediately responded in a statement on Facebook that it was not involved in the accident and was merely in charge of setting up the group’s pool corners, prop production and decoration. of the stage with a mirror surface.菱藝廣告 (Art Design) added that misleading and false accusations online have affected the company’s reputation.

After seeking legal advice, the agency affirmed that it would preserve all legal rights to enable a fair and impartial investigation. 菱藝廣告 (Art Design) has since referred the matter to a professional legal team to pursue further . Nevertheless, the agency was shocked and concerned by the accident and hoped that the affected parties could recover soon. He also urged related parties to look into the matter and find out the reasons behind the incident. According to its website, the agency was founded in 2003 and is involved in events, brand promotions, exhibitions, gala dinners, ceremonies, concerts and mall decorations.

Meanwhile, show organizers MakerVille and Music Nation Group apologized for the incident, MakerVille CEO Lo Ting Fai apologized during a live press conference at the hospital and broadcast on Facebook this morning, saying it would provide full assistance to those injured and their families.

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Online Sentiments Analyzed

Social monitoring firm CAMRA recorded a total of 53.6% negative mentions in the past 24 hours, and LIHKG was among the social media platforms that sparked heated discussion. “Most netizens expressed their anger as there were several accidents that occurred in succession during the MIRROR concert. Many expressed concern about the safety of the artists and questioned the qualification of the production companies involved in setting up Several production companies responded that they were not involved in setting up the LED screen that caused the crash,” said Charles Cheung, General Manager of CARMA.

Statistics from social listening company Tocanan showed the incident garnered 1,803 mentions in total over the past day. While 91% of online sentiments were neutral, 6% were negative while 3% were positive.



Videos of the incident went viral throughout the night, detailing how the giant screen crashed into the lead dancer’s body and head, while pinning the second dancer’s legs. Both dancers remained motionless in their positions until the ambulance arrived at the scene.

Hong Kong chief executive John Lee Ka Chiu said in a press release that he was shocked by the incident and sent his regards to the injured and their families. In the meantime, he called for the Mirror concert to be suspended and called for a full investigation into the matter. Actor Louis Koo also called on the public to stop streaming the disturbing videos as it could traumatize more people and affect their mental well-being.

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