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The production company’s best horror movies


Blumhouse quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the most prominent production companies for primarily horror content, while also establishing its position in other successful genres. Founded in 2000 by Jason Blum, the company’s original model was to produce primarily low-budget films, allowing directors to expand their creative freedom. Originally named Blum Israel Productions, they had an initial exclusive deal with Miramax until 2002 when it became Blumhouse Productions.

Although Blumhouse signed deals with Universal Pictures in 2010 and Amazon Studios and Mattel Films in June 2019, the company has always stayed true to its roots by providing opportunities for up-and-coming directors, helping them enable their projects to become visible on a mainstream scale, while remaining true to their respective creative ideas. Finding overwhelming notoriety in mainstream feature films, Blumhouse has also collaborated with streaming powerhouse Netflix Studios to push TV streaming forward, developing a Stephen King limited series. While there’s a plethora of Blumhouse’s total achievements, joint ventures, awards, and nominations, let’s dive straight into their most high-profile horror projects yet released.

7 paranormal activity

Found the camera angle of footage of the couple caught in bed in Paranormal Activity
Paramount Pictures

As the first horror film ever released by Blumhouse, paranormal activity is about a couple, Katie (Katie Featherston) and Micah (Micah Sloat), who move into their new home together. Once strange events begin to occur in the couple’s home, Katie’s story resurfaces, revealing that she and her sister Kristi have been tormented by a demonic entity since childhood.

The scariest part of paranormal activity must be that the project is shot in an unfiltered, found footage format, only from a portable recorder. Also, the fact that the actor’s real names are used as the characters and that the film opens by thanking their families and pretending that everything was real, brings an authentic element to the film’s atmosphere.

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6 Insidious

A creepy man stands in a foggy dark blue hallway in Insidious
FilmDistrict/Sony Pictures

supernatural thriller Insidious revolves around a local family who begin to experience a series of disturbing paranormal events after moving into their new home. Married couple Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai’s son Lambert (Rose Byrne) suddenly enter a state of blackening, where his physical body becomes a placeholder for demonic possession of entities to enter at any time, through a plane unidentifiable astral. Basically, before moving into a new home, do your research thoroughly.

5 The purge

Masked assailants in The Purge Anarchy street club
Universal images

The purge is one of the most organically terrifying films to be released in current times; The very thought of having an entire night where any type of violence is legal and justified is petrifying beyond explaination. In the film, the prisons are more than overcrowded and the citizens are increasingly angry with the circumstances and the daily stressors. While the government sanctions an annual 12-hour period during which all criminal activity is legal, the film’s characters are able to “clean themselves up” by committing crimes during the night. What’s interesting is that the government does this to justify killing innocent people of color, but covers it up with the clean-up talk.

4 get out

Daniel Kaluuya as Chris Washington in Get Out, tears streaming down his face as he watches in horror.
Universal images

Dating has never been the same since get out has been freed. After appearing to be in the next stage of their relationship, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) get more serious. When Rose invites him to meet her parents at the family’s secluded country home, the film takes a turn for the worst when Rose and her parents plan to rework Chris’ mind and sell it to their various groups of friends. Chris, who is a black man, discovers the family’s secrets and their horrific treatment of black bodies, as he also tries to escape before it’s too late.

3 Halloween

Halloween kills the scene with a gruesome Michael Myers cloesup
Universal images

The 2018 feature film reboot of Halloween project stars Jamie Lee Curtis, reprising her role as Laurie Strode. After being institutionalized for nearly 40 years at Smith’s Grove Psychiatric Hospital for his Haddonfield shooting, Michael Myers is set to be moved to a maximum security prison. It obviously breaks out (because he’s Michael Myers), leading him on his decades-long quest to capture and kill the remaining member of his family (according to some Halloween installments), Laurie Strode.

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2 We

The tied boy backs into a burning car in Us
Universal images

The meaning of the horror movie We, is strongly tied to racial and economic identity, departing from the typical horror movie plot as it explores facets of 21st century politics. The idea of ​​being afraid of strangers and anyone who seems visibly different is a crucial element of the film, which interrogates a society conditioned to be afraid of those who are not from the same background as us or who have a different point of view of the our. The fact is that sometimes humans’ worst enemies can be ourselves.

1 friendless

A boy and a girl in a video chat are afraid on the computer in Unfriended
Universal images

On a typical night in friendless, several teenagers are all online, participating in a group video chat session. Once an unidentifiable user, “Billie22”, logs into the chat, strange events begin to occur when one of the users begins to receive a series of direct messages from a classmate who committed suicide. . Forcing the group to reveal their darkest secrets, the other users begin to get killed, one by one, in this excellent and chilling example of social media in movies.

The two young look-alike boys play with fire in the closet in Us

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