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The production team chooses to leave the script of Stanford Blatch open


With Samantha Jones out of sight, Stanford Blatch seemed set to become the unofficial fourth member of the group of friends in And just like that… Unfortunately, real-life tragedy prevented that from happening. Willie Garson, the actor who played Stanford in all six seasons of sex and the city, died of pancreatic cancer. His death left Stanford’s script unfinished and showrunner Michael Patrick King with a void to fill. Fans weren’t sure how the show would handle Garsons’ death. Episode 4 of the reboot finally answered the question, but fan reactions were mixed.

Willie Garson was scheduled to appear in all 10 episodes of “And Just Like That…”

Prior to his illness and death, Garson was scheduled to appear in all 10 episodes of the HBO Max reboot. During an interview with Vanity Fair, King explained that he was unaware of Garson’s illness while writing the season. He said Stanford was set to play a bigger role in the restart than in sex and the city, complete with its own story arc.

Willie Garson as Stanford Blatch | Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Initially, it was hoped that Garson would be able to finish the season. Eventually, Garson’s health deteriorated too much for him to continue. When it became clear that his health was declining, King talked about revising the script. The famous showrunner revealed that Garson’s last day of filming found him filming Mr. Big’s funeral. The beloved actor passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 57 on September 21, 2021.

‘And Just Like That…’ Episode 4 bids farewell to Stanford Blatch

The presence of Stanford Blatch in the first three episodes of And just like that… was bittersweet for fans of the original series. Garson had died by the time the show premiered, and the reboot served as his final screen appearance. Episode 4, “Some of My Best Friends,” did not feature the famous character. The episode, however, explained why Stanford would no longer be seen.

Mario Cantone and Sarah Jessica Parker sit in Carrie's apartment during a scene in 'And Just Like That...'

Mario Cantone and Sarah Jessica Parker | Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Carrie returns to her apartment to find a note sitting next to her bed in the episode. The message written by Stanford Blatch informs Carrie that he will be in Japan by the time she reads his letter. Stanford’s husband Anthony Marantino stops by Carrie’s apartment to further explain that Stanford left the United States to manage a Japan-based TikTok star. Anthony reveals to Carrie that Stanford wants a divorce to cap the scene.

Fan reactions to Stanford’s departure were mixed. Some like the open nature of Stanford’s departure, as it means the character lives on, despite Garson’s actual death. Critics argue that the scene was too light, considering the real-life tragedy. They also claim that the revelation of the divorce seemed unnecessary.

Michael Patrick King was hoping to film another scene with Willie Garson

While “Some of My Best Friends” left Stanford’s story open, it’s not exactly how King had hoped the storyline would turn out. A note, apparently, was not how Michael Patrick King wanted Stanford out of Carrie’s life. Instead, he was hoping to film another scene between Carrie and Stanford to explain the situation.

Mario Cantone as Anthony Marantino, Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw and Willie Garsaon as Stanford Blatch are seen in an episode of

Anthony, Carrie and Stanford | Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

In several interviews, King explained that he wrote a scene between Carrie and Stanford that would have explained his decision to move to Japan. According to King, he called Garson and asked if he could come over and film a scene with just Sarah Jessica Parker. King recalled Garson telling him apologetically that even if he wanted to do it, he just couldn’t. Note was the next best option.

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