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The VU virtual production studio makes the buzz


TAMPA, Florida – First, VU is pronounced “seen”.

As in, here’s a “view” of the future of multimedia production studios, located right here in Tampa Bay.

The state-of-the-art VU playfully spreads out behind not one, but two secret doors at University Mall, right next to USF.

The mood is constantly transformative, an otherwise normal concrete maintenance hallway, muralized into a spinning vortex of mystery. And so on.

It’s magic after magic at VU, a “virtual” production studio that has won Emmys, done Super Bowl commercials and worked with heavy hitters like Apple, Mercedes, John Deere and Jack Daniels.

The climax ? The main studio has a 100ft long LED screen that can “adapt” to any location, any climate or mood, a virtual passport to anywhere.

VU is a series of interconnected studios with new branches in Nashville and Las Vegas.

CEO Tim Moore’s vision, VU also has famous support in WWE superstar Titus O’Neil, who said even his wrestling boss Vince McMahon is a fan of the virtual studio.

Perhaps the best thing about VU Tampa Bay? Not only hiring local talent, but giving students from USF and other colleges the opportunity to train in a top studio.

To learn more about VU, go here.