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This local production house helped shoot the next Jurassic World film


Egyptian filmmakers and producers are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with on the international film scene, winning a host of prestigious awards and shining the spotlight on often overlooked talent in the Middle East. Now, for the first time in the region, Egyptian production house Filmmedia has collaborated with Universal Pictures to produce the prologue to “Jurassic World: Dominion”, the latest installment in the acclaimed hit series about unleashed dinosaurs and the scientists who really should know better now.

Led by Egyptian cinematographer Ahmed Kardous, the all-Egyptian production team spent a month filming in the desolate deserts of the isolated island town of Socotra, Yemen, overseeing the shooting of the thriller’s first five minutes on dinosaurs. Ahmed Kardous served as the director of the second unit alongside industry veterans Colin Trevorrow and John Schawrtzman.

At first, Kardous was incredulous of being a part of the huge blockbuster movie. “It started with an email from Arcadia Pictures in the UK asking us to conduct research in Socotra in Yemen,” Kardous told CairoScene. “We went to England to finalize the proceedings and they took us to a room with walls covered with maps and documents. We were a little intimidated to be honest. Then take a stroll the famous American producer Colin Trevorrow! It was he who told us that we were going to produce part of the third installment of the Jurassic Park saga.

Filmmedia Production House was founded by the duo of brothers Ahmed and Hani Kardous in Egypt before moving to Dubai to work on major regional and international projects. The brothers have worked on a number of Egyptian films and shows, including “122 Movie” and “May’s Kitchen”. They have also produced work for Discovery Channel, ‘The Pilgrims’ Code’ based in the Netherlands and Google Apps.