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Toronto production house is developing the world’s first crypto-funded film


TORONTO, June 23, 2022 /CNW/ – TBD Creative House’s upcoming documentary, Footprints of Kemet, will examine many controversial and rogue ideas about what may have happened on the fringes of ancient Egyptian history. “Kemet”loosely translated as “Black land“, is the old name of the region we know today as Egypt.

Founder of TBD Creative House, and Producer of this film, Kevin Lukeexplains that the concept was conceived thanks to his interviews with Skeptic Magazine‘s, Michael Shermerabout his book give the devil his due.

In 2017, Shermer appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience in a heated debate with two rogue researchers of remote history, Graham Hancock and Randall Carlsonwhere the idea of ​​human civilizations predating Dynastic Egypt was a key argument.

On the alternate history side of this debate, the TBD team will go to Egypt with the crew of UnchartedX Podcast, a program dedicated to exploring ancient mysteries and what they may mean to us today. They also obtained the research services of the author, Matthew Lacroix.

TBD Creative House is confident in the documentary’s potential to revolutionize the independent film industry as the first film to be developed using a blockchain asset as part of the compensation for the team working on the microbudget film.

Kevin clarified, “Indie film projects are notoriously difficult to finance. It takes as much time and effort to raise money as it does to make the film, if not more. Producers end up sacrificing their vision instead of focusing their energy on directing. the best project possible. Recently, crowdfunding has helped boost the viability of independent projects, but we felt it was time to harness the power of an ever-appreciating asset specifically designed for the creative industries.”

The white paper document for Creative Circulation quickly clarifies why they are different from other crypto projects:

Those who accept CRCL as a form of compensation will see the purchasing power of their tokens increase based on the future growth of the creative industries. While crypto projects like Bitcoin aim to be used as a digital store of value, Creative Circulation is used as a digital symbol of trust. Specifically, confidence in a continued exponential increase in wealth production by the creative industries and the gig economy as a whole.”

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