Home Production house Turkish production house Ay Yapim acquires Lebanese series “Al Hayba”

Turkish production house Ay Yapim acquires Lebanese series “Al Hayba”


The deal between Cedars Art and Ay Yapim marks the first international adaptation of an Arabic long format in recent times.

Lebanese socio-cultural drama series Al Hayba is slated for a Turkish adaptation as part of an agreement signed between Lebanese film and television production company Cedars Art Production and Turkish production houses Ay Yapim.

Production of the Turkish adaptation of the Lebanese format is expected to start early next year.

Now in its fifth season, Al Hayba is set in the fictional border village of Hayba, home to two warring Arab clans. The show, commissioned and first aired on MBC, has been licensed to air as a dub or with subtitles in 30 countries and on Netflix which is airing the first season on its platform in multiple territories. Season five is now broadcast exclusively on MBC and its premium platform Shahid VIP.

Commenting on the deal, Sadek Sabbah, President of Cedars Art Production (Sabbah Brothers) said, “I have always believed that we have amazing stories to tell in our part of the world that can and will go around the world. We are proud to be the first in the world to offer a regional Arabic format for international licenses. However, we are now seeing an overall increase and improvement in the quality of content created in our region, so I think this is the first of many more to come.

In 2017, CAP was the first production house to license Netflix for Arabic language production, the first to distribute Arabic content on a large scale internationally, and the first to develop a futuristic survival genre – Sci-Fi – (Hell’s Gate) in Arabic as an OTT original.