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Tyler Perry expands production studio in Atlanta – The Hollywood Reporter


Tyler Perry expands his Atlanta production studio.

The Georgia-based mogul is purchasing an additional 37.5 acres of land on the existing Fort McPherson property on which his studio was built. He plans to turn the extra space into an entertainment district open to the public, complete with a theater district, retail stores and restaurants, much like Trilith, another Atlanta-based production studio.

Perry’s acquisition comes on top of the more than 330 acres he bought back in 2015, which allowed him to build one of the largest production facilities in the country. Tyler Perry Studios currently has 12 sound stages and encompasses over 220 acres of green space. Perry’s hope is that the new development will be ready to provide plenty of employment opportunities for residents.

In addition to Perry’s expansion, TD Jakes Real Estate Ventures Group is purchasing 94.5 acres of land with the goal of developing real estate and programs that will meet the growing nationwide need for affordable and accessible housing for Workforce. The idea is to help families who live in underserved areas achieve and maintain an achievable life with the goal of homeownership.

Although based in Texas, Jakes has organized many big events in Atlanta and his film production company has employed thousands of Georgians in the production of their multiple films, including two films released last April on Lifetime.

“Today is a good day,” said Perry. “I am grateful for the opportunity this gives Tyler Perry Studios to expand our footprint in Atlanta and create more opportunities for people in Southwest Atlanta with restaurants, entertainment and entertainment. other business opportunities. I look forward to working with my friend TD Jakes on his separate but adjacent project and also want to thank Governor Kemp and Mayor Bottoms for their continued efforts to make Atlanta a better place.

“This announcement from Tyler Perry Studios and TD Jakes Real Estate Ventures LLC is a real boost for a large community in the state of Georgia,” said Governor Kemp. “Significant job creation like this will create more opportunities for hard-working Georgians and the surrounding small businesses, which are the real backbone of our state’s economy.”

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms added, “This agreement marks another monumental chapter in the history of Fort Mac. Thanks to Tyler Perry and Bishop TD Jakes for their vision and investment in the community of southwest Atlanta. The positive impact will be felt for generations to come.