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Virtual production studio facilities on set and Asa Bailey team up with Ava.


Spanish store of creative content Ava. is thrilled to announce its entry into the rapidly expanding world of virtual production with top global studios On-Set Facilities, and their lead virtual production studio supervisor and director, Asa Bailey.

Best known for his pioneering work in real-time visual effects and virtual production, Asa is one of the world’s foremost virtual production supervisors and a founding partner of OSF.

An early adopter of real-time preview and in-camera visual effects, using tracking cameras, motion capture, simulcams and LED-equipped stages, Asa is also a virtual production supervisor studio for Netflix, in addition to his major creative contributions to On-Set Facilities and their collaborative group of artists and technicians.

Today marks the start of a synergistic relationship between Asa, On-Set Facilities and Ava., to promote and produce high profile virtual production in Spain and elsewhere, for commercials, branded entertainment, episodic television and feature films.

Ava. executive producer Carl Wyant, “Ava.’s collaboration with Asa and OSF promises to be a new chapter for virtual production and its growth in Spain, and we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead with this technology and its application in all our efforts.

Asa and OSF have consistently driven production innovation around real-time virtual production technology, working with creative agencies Ogilvy and Saatchi & Saatchi, Coca-Cola, BMW, GSK and Shutterstock brands, studios and streaming services Universal and Netflix, production companies RSA and Hogarth Worldwide, and technology makers ARRI and Unreal Engine, to name a few.

“On-Set Facilities was designed and continues to operate as a cooperative studio, with each member of the team working seamlessly on the various innovative technologies that make up the world of virtual production,” says Asa. “Team up with Ava. was a natural extension of our process, and we all expect great things from the relationship.

Ava. Agustin Gonzalez, founding partner and EP, adds that “Asa and I have known each other for a while now, and with the tremendous growth of virtual production and the adoption of technology in the media landscape, it seemed like the perfect time to us at Ava. to partner with OSF, a world leader in the field.

To kick off the new relationship between On-Set Facilities and Ava., Asa will speak about the creative future of virtual production and real-time visual effects at the APCP (Spanish Association of commercial producers), which was held this year in Valencia. , on the 29th and 30th of this month.

Asa’s presentation and remarks at the APCP event will focus on the tremendous opportunities for brands, creatives and producers across all genres of media production through this exciting new technology.