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Virtual production studio takes shape near Church Studio | Movies


According to staff reports

Church Studio, a former Leon Russell recording studio restored for contemporary use, has another type of studio for a neighbor. Grassfire, a virtual production studio, has been welcomed into the neighborhood.

“We are thrilled to officially welcome Grassfire and its vision for cutting-edge film production to Tulsa and Studio Row,” said Teresa Knox, owner of the recently reopened Church Studio, in a press release. “It may be called virtual production, but the benefits for Studio Row and their customers are very real.”

Virtual production is exploding thanks to Hollywood filmmakers, according to the statement, as is the combination of physical and digital production. People and objects are filmed in the studio but appear in photorealistic environments, which can be designed and modified in real time. Or, animated characters could appear in real-life environments, according to the release, which says the options are nearly endless.

“Virtual production allows us to redefine reality and bring almost any production to life for our clients,” said John Moss, founder of Grassfire, former Tulsa sportscaster and live event expert. “In addition to enabling nearly limitless creative options and enhanced results, our technology can reduce costs and timelines for productions of all kinds, from film to promotional commercials, and live events to product viewings. This may just be the spark your business or organization needs to set your brand on fire.

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Other Grassfire founders include award-winning director and producer Jordan Price; Brandon Hix, an animation expert with credits like “GI Joe” and “My Little Pony”; and Ryan Rex, former agency owner and communications professional. Knox is among the Grassfire investors.

Grassfire’s services include virtual production, 2D and 3D animation, video production, live events, podcasts and product visualizations. The studio will also be available on a limited basis for rental to other industry professionals.

The release says the studio is operating and has domestic clients including Caesars Palace and Ascension St. John. The full range of services will be launched in late spring.

“We are once again connecting the past and future of Tulsa’s music and film industries,” Knox said in the release. “It’s going to be fun.”

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